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sinds 1994

Binding & design

2671561. (ART NOUVEAU). SCALDEN 3de Jaarboek der Scalden. Kalender voor ’t jaar Negentienhonderd. [Antwerpen], De Scalden, [1899]. Vellum with ribbons. Square 18 x 19 cm. Printed by De Vos & Van der Groen on various quality papers. Lower ribbon missing, upper one a bit worn. Vellum slightly warped, some foxing.
€ 95
* “Third Yearbook of the Scalden. Kalendar for the year 1900”. This Almanac for 1900 of the art circle De Scalden contains texts by a.o. Lodewijk Verhees, Edmond van Offel, Pol de Mont, Prosper van Langendonck, Guido Gezelle, Karel van de Woestijne (‘Vlaanderen o welig huis’), and prints by Edward Pellens, Alfried van Neste, Karel Collens, Edmond van Offel, Emiel Van Averbeke, Eugeen Van Mieghem and others. Important Flemish art nouveau publication on the morning of a bright new Century.


2681533. (BEARDSLEY, Aubrey). POPE, Alexander The Rape of the Lock. A Heroi-Comical Poem in Five Cantos. Embroidered with Nine Drawings by Aubrey Beardsley. Londen, Leonard Smithers, 1896. Original richly gilt blue cloth with design by Beardsley. (2), 48 p. Uncut. Illustrated with a frontispice, six drawings printed on art paper, a headpiece and a tailpiece by Aubrey Beardsley. The binding is fine. The gold is a bit uneven, but it is shimmering brightly. Inside covers partly browned.
€ 600
* The splendorous binding and eight superb illustrations by Beardsley make this book one of the pinnacles of the 1890s.

6. (BINDING). (MALOU, Jules). BANQUE NATIONALE Rapports fait par le Gouverneur au nom du Conseil d’Administration sur les opérations de l’année 1881 et Rapport du Conseil des Censeurs. Brussels, Imprimerie de la Banque Nationale, 1882. 24 x 17 cm. Richly gilt morocco. 32, (24) p. With double folding table. 1st edition. Upper cover partly slightly discolored, otherwise in perfect condition.
€ 150
* Full morocco binding with rich gold lettering on both sides, on the spine, the sides of the boards and the lacing on the inside edges. All sides gilt. Flyleaves of moiré paper. From the library of Belgian politician Jules Malou (1810-1886), frequently a minister, long-term member of parliament and a specialist in the area of public finances.

7. (BINDING). MAUPASSANT, Guy de Boule de suif et Le vengeur. Illustrés de huit compositions par Fred Money. Gravées sur bois par Clément et Deloche. Parijs, Librairie des Amateurs/ A. Ferroud, F. Ferroud, 1919. Richly gilt morocco backed marbled boards with leather corners and inlays. Original cover and spine bound in. (8), 110 p. Illustrated. With a marker ribbon. Printed in 1250 numbered copies. Corners slightly dented.
€ 150
* Fine binding. Three tiny roses of red morocco inlaid on the richly gilt spine. This is one of 10 copies on ‘beau papier vélin d’Arches’, initialed F.F. by the publisher.

2692148. (BINDING). DELRUE, Paul (binder), PARRY, Nicholas (illustrator and printer), CLARE, John (author) The Primrose Bank. Market Drayton, Shropshire, Tern Press, 1986. Oblong 15 x 17 cm. Richly decorated inlaid leather (Paul Delrue). 32 p. Text printed in 150 numbered copies. Fine condition.
€ 1200
* This is one of 15 numbered copies that received a special treatment. In this case, the printer, Nicholas Parry, made five original aquarelles in it! It was bound exquisitely by Paul Delrue with rich, colourful morocco inlays and housed in a custom made slipcase. A most attractive small artists’ book, hand illustrated by the printer.

2671449. (BONNEFANT, IN DE). SCHÜTZ, Heinrich Unterthänigstes Memorial, Ao 1651. Banholt, In de Bonnefant, 1985. 33 x 22 cm. Vellum backed boards. (4), 20 p. Set from 18 pt. Bembo and 20 pt. Diotima and printed in 63 numbered copies on Zerkall Kupferdruckbütten paper. Title and initials were cut by Karina Meister and printed from the blocks. Bound by Phoenix Bindery in Amsterdam with a large ‘HG’ monogram in gold. Fine copy with prospect and original invoice.
€ 90
* This is one of the deluxe copies bound in half vellum (there were 30 copies in cloth). Lofty, majestic publication of Schütz’ long autobiographical letter (1585-1672) to Elector Johann Georg of Saxony.

26909410. BOUTENS, P.C. Verzamelde werken. (Full vellum edition). Haarlem/ Den Haag, Enschedé/ Boucher, 1943-1954. 7 vols. Gilt full vellum. Tops gilt. Uncut. 2500 p. Printed in 1060 numbered sets. This is the most deluxe version, issued in 25 or 30 copies only.
€ 750
* The collected poetical works of the stern classical Dutch poet of his period, Pieter Cornelis Boutens (1870-1943). This set also contains the extensive collected translations into Dutch of Boutens: works by Sappho, Homer, Aeschylus, Sophocles, Plato, Omar Khayyam, Lovize Labé, Goethe, Novalis, D.G. Rossetti, Oscar Wilde, Alfred Douglas and others.

It is one of 120 Roman numbered copies on paper specially made for this deluxe edition, watermarked ‘P.C. Boutens’, and also one of a few dozen copies bound in full vellum (most of the 120 were bound in vellum-backed blue boards, some issued in paper wrappers). The volumes have been numbered differently, between III and XXI. With a prospect. Eye-catching series in robust, splendid bindings.

26460911. (BROCA BINDING). BARKER, W.R. St. Mark’s, or the Mayor’s Chapel, Bristol, Formerly Called the Church of the Gaunts. Bristol, W.C. Hemons 1892. Small 4to. 27 x 20 cm. Richly gilt full morocco (signed L. Broca on inside upper cover). One of 200 numbered large paper copies. First edition. One lower corner bumped, very slight wear along the spine. Engraved bookplate of Alfred Trapnell, little leather label with a number (1203) and a small ticket mentioning Broca. Some browning of inside edges.
€ 550
* Magnificently gilt binding by French-born brilliant British bookbinder Lucien Broca, copying the gothic rose window in St. Mark’s Church on both sides of the book. Alfred Trapnell (1838-1918), a Bristol industrialist, built a large porcelain collection as well as a sumptuous library.

12. (DELUXE). BÉRAUD, Henri Le vitriol de lune. Illustrations de Guy Arnoux. Paris, Éditions de Mornay, 1931. Full morocco hardcover with slipcase (Peuser). Original wrappers and backstrip bound in. (10), 270 pp. 54 pochoir-colored illustrations, vignettes and initials. Printed in 965 numbered copies. Tiny tear at the upper spine, otherwise a perfect and splendid book.
€ 145
* Of 153 copies on various special deluxe papers, this is one of 25 printed on Montval paper. A fine deluxe edition!


26791715. EEDEN, Frederik van De kleine Johannes. Met IX lithografieën en versieringen door Edzard Koning. Den Haag, Mouton, [1898]. 4to. Gilt and decorated 3/4 vellum. (2), 194 p. With 9 original lithographs (printed on Japanese paper by Edzard Koning. Very good copy. The green cloth has (as usual) some yellow dots. The gold blocking is in good order. One corner bumped. Flyleaves (as usual) a bit browned.
€ 650
* One of the monumental Dutch Art Nouveau books. De kleine Johannes, a symbolic fantasy, first published in 1887, was an immediate success and widely translated. This is the only edition of the illustrated version by Koning, who also designed the beautiful binding and the typography. Braches Nieuwe Kunst Documentatie (Amsterdam 2006) 607:11.

26611317. GOLDSMITH, Oliver The Vicar of Wakefield. With a Preface by Austin Dobson and Illustrations by Hugh Thomson. London, Macmillan, 1891. Original richly gilt cloth. (4), 36, 306, (6) p. All edges gilt. Second edition. Reading slant. Gutters burst, but a very good copy of this glittering 1890’s book. Some foxing.
€ 30
* Full of whimsical and nicely detailed drawings and funny initials by Thomson.

267764gr19. (HEUKELOM, J.B.). SCHEPERS, J.B. Bragi. Amsterdam, S.L. van Looy, 1901. Richly gilt green cloth. XII, 110, 120, 96 p. 1st edition. Fine copy.
€ 45
* Substantial book of poems based on Norse mythology: Bragi is the god of poets. With an exceptional art nouveau binding designed by Jan Bertus Heukelom (1875-1965), based on botanical motives.

25946820. HOMERUS Six hymns of Homer. The English Translation by Percy Bysshe Shelley facing the original Greek. (Maastricht), The Halcyon Press, 1929. Original red morocco. Top gilt. (6), 30 p. Printed in red and black in 481 numbered copies. Corners very slightly worn. A little foxing.
€ 500
* One of 25 copies printed on Imperial Japanese paper. Bound in subtly gilt and blind-tooled crimson full morocco with marbled flyleaves (publisher’s binding by L. Malcorps). Striking typography by J. van Krimpen. The Halcyon Press 5. Van Dijk 183.


26786722. HYDE, Robert Wilson Guest Book. (Unused). [San Francisco, Paul Elder, about 1909]. Oblong folio. 28 x 38 cm. Full green leather with gilt title and frame (Riviere and Son). Spine richly gilt with six compartments, each containing a vignette. Marbled endpapers. 140 p. All edges gilt. Printed in colors. Binding slightly worn. No inscriptions!
€ 450
* Fine and large art nouveau guest book, using various deluxe papers. Some pages with printed borders and mottos on medieval festival themes. Robert Wilson Hyde (1875-1951) was a leading art nouveau artist, living in Santa Barbara. Rare, especially in unused condition.

267864gr23. (INCUNABLE). AQUINAS, Thomas Super tertio libro sententiarum Petri Lombardi. (&) Super quarto libro Sententiarum Petri Lombardi. Venice, Hermannus Liechtenstein, 26 Apr. 1490 & Venice, Bonetus Locatellus, for Octavianus Scotus, 23 May 1497. Two volumes in one binding. 34,4 x 22,5 cm. Fine gothic binding, spine renewed. Folio. The first volume: 150 leaves. Printed in two columns, using two font sizes for the text. At the beginning three large painted initials, two in red and one in red, blue and violet. With several 7-line red initials and many 3-line lombards, alternately red and blue. Rubricated. The second volume: 264 leaves. Printed in two columns, using two font sizes for the text. Full of decorated woodcut initials, two large ones at the beginning of the text. Inside upper cover with some notes and two early 20th century catalog clippings. First page of the book block with rubbed-out owner’s mark. A strip of the last page was cut out and replaced by a later strip of paper (no text loss). Some marginal notes. Outer pages a bit soiled and with some wormholes.
€ 12,000
* A contemporary binding: calf over wooden boards with brass clasps of gothic style, adorned with fleurs-de-lis, roses and lions in lozenges and circlets. Spine renewed (20th century) with brown pigskin. The Sententiae by Petrus Lombardus (1096-1160), an attempt at systematic theology, were commented on by Thomas Aquinas in the 1250’s, a very influential scholastic publication. This massive work was printed in four distinct parts. Hermanus Liechtenstein’s edition of the third part (his only) is a second edition; Locatellus’s edition of the fourth part is a fifth edition. Locatellus published the other three parts later, in 1498-1501. Goff T 167 & 172. A fine, large Venetian incunable with a nice contemporary binding, and very attractive on the inside.

26151724. KEATS, John Isabella, or the Pot of Basil. Illustrated and decorated by W. B. Macdougall. London, Kegan Paul, Trench, Trübner and Co., 1898. 26 x 20 cm. Original richly gilt buckram. (56) p. Uncut. Some full page drawings. All pages with heavy black borders, fully decorated in art nouveau. Title page in red and black, and with a silk paper tissue guard. First edition. Binding slightly worn, cloth bursting along the spine. Some offsetting and foxing. Inserted is a loose leaf with a gift inscription, dated 1898 (E.M.F. from E.D.S.).
€ 275
* Important early art nouveau book, one of the few illustrated by Scottish artist William Brown Macdougall (1868-1935).

265562 F25. LAMBERT, André Florilège des Lyriques Latins. Choix, traduction, ornaments et images par André Lambert. Le tout gravé à l’eau-forte par le même. – Veterum Latinorum Poematum Lyricorum Florilegium. Selegit, gallice reddidit, ornamentis et imaginibus illustravit aeneisque tabulis aqua forti injecit Andreas Lambert. Paris, L’Estampe Moderne, 1920. 27 x 22 cm. Morocco-backed (5 firm ribs) marbled boards with morocco corners. 124 p. All text pages color etched on both sides. With erotic illustrations in color etching and aquatint. Printed in 370 numbered and signed copies. First edition. Binding a bit worn on the edges, sewing slightly loosening.
€ 350
* This is one of 275 copies on heavy, tinted Arches paper. Latin poetry by a.o. Catullus, Tibullus, Ausonius and Boethius, with a translation into French, elegantly and humoristically presented (with funny anachronistic vignettes) by the erudite Swiss-French graphic artist André Lambert (1884-1967). Inserted is a loose publisher’s advertisement for the Latin periodical Janus (1919-1924), co-founded by Lambert.
A striking and attractive book!

26703326. (LION CACHET, C.A.). BRUGMANS, H. (red.) Officieel gedenkboek uitgegeven namens de Huldigingscommissie 1923 te Amsterdam ter gelegenheid van het vijf en twintig jarig Regeeringsjubileum van Hare Majesteit Koningin Wilhelmina Helena Pauline Maria. Amsterdam, Van Holkema & Warendorf/ J.H. de Bussy, 1923. 29 x 23 x 6 cm. Splendid red leather binding, richly gilt (C.A. LION CACHET). Top edge gilt. Red marbled endpapers. (8), 592 p. Illustrated. Vignettes and decorations by Lion Cachet. First edition. Very slight wear at the upper spine corners and lower edges. Bookseller’s ticket inside of co-publisher J.H. de Bussy. Excellent condition.
€ 275
* Delicate, exquisite gilt binding in an expressionistic art deco style incorporating Wilhelmina’s W and the Dutch Royal Coat of Arms. Official jubilee-edition on the occasion of the 25-year reign of Queen Wilhelmina containing a panorama of history and life of the Netherlands. Contributions by H. Brugmans, Willem Kloos, C.K. Elout, Just Havelaar, J.D. van der Waals jr., Melchior Treub, Leo Lauer and many others. A large and heavy volume. There was also a numbered deluxe edition in gilt vellum.


26045029. MIDWIVES’ TALES Recueil general des Caquets de l’Accouchée. Ou discours facecieux, où se voit les moeurs, actions, et façons de faire des grands et petits de ce siecle. Le tout discouru par Dames, Demoiselles, Bourgeoises, et autres. Et mis par ordres en viii. apres-dinées, qu’elles ont faict leurs assemblées, par vu Secretaire qui a le tout ouy et escrit. Avec un Discours du Relevement de l’Accouchée. Metz, Lecouteux, 1847. 16 x 12 cm. Original publisher’s boards. (2), 272 p. Uncut. With lithographical title page, reproduction of the 1624 title. Printed on laid paper in only 76 numbered copies. Reprint of the first collected edition of 1623. Binding browned and a bit worn. 20th century bookseller’s mark. Some foxing, but a good copy.
€ 65
* Unusual publication with very generous margins and an early printed publisher’s binding (upper cover, lower cover and backstrip). The literal meaning of the title is ‘General Collection of Dry Nurses’ Gossip’. Contains ‘piquant and satirical’ sketches about pregnancy.

26777930. MILNE, A.A. Now we are six. With decorations by Ernest H. Shepard. London, Methuen, 1929. Original gilt leather. (8), 104 p. Richly illustrated. All edges gilt. Fourth edition. Spine slightly worn at top and foot, a few tiny flakes. No discoloring! Owner’s inscription ‘C.M. Thompson’ on first flyleaf.
€ 120
* Very good copy of the deluxe binding in fine, soft tawny leather, with 5 humorous depictions of Christopher Robin on the spine. On the upper cover the author’s gilt initials in a chocolate brown decoration.

26731731. MINIBOOK Évangile de Notre Seigneur Jesus-Christ selon Saint Matthieu d’après la version revue par J.F. Ostervald. (Deluxe edition in leather). Zuilichem, The Catharijne Press, 1989. 6.4 x 4.7 cm. Gilt very dark leather in marbled slipcase trimmed with leather (Luce Thürkôw). (2), 54, (6) p. Set from the 2.5-point font of Henri Didot and printed in an edition of 200 numbered copies. 1st edition.
€ 250
* One of 15 Roman numbered deluxe copies, in a fine binding. Very fine mini booklet!

32. (NEOCLASSICAL BINDING). FÉNELON, François de Salignac de La Mothe Aventures de Télémaque. Avec des notes géographiques et littéraires. Paris, Lefèvre, 1824. 24 x 15 cm. 2 vols. Fine black half-leather period binding, richly gilt spines and brown marbled boards. Green marbled flyleaves. (2), (60), 322; (4), 400 p. With portrait of the author and folding map. Corners a bit worn. Some paper foxing.
€ 45
* Beautifully printed by Jules Didot Ainé with a neoclassical binding.

25803033. (NIEUWENHUIS, Theo). HOFKER, Jan Gedachten en Verbeeldingen. Met Inleiding van L. van Deyssel. (With an original etched portrait of the author by Willem Witsen). Amsterdam, S.L. van Looy, 1906. Original (dark) honey-coloured full vellum with dark brown and natural decorations and lettering in batik combined with lines and dots blocked in gold. Signed by T[heo] N[ieuwenhuis]. All edges gilt. (10), 144 p. One of 50 deluxe copies on mould-made paper by Van Gelder. First edition. Spine very slightly worn. Two library stamps on flyleaf and first blank page. Signature on first blank page ‘C.F. Hofker’.
€ 2950
* Fantastic batik binding designed by Nieuwenhuis. This magnificent deluxe edition, one of the pinnacles of Dutch Art Nouveau bookbinding, was distributed among friends and admirers of Hofker (1864-1945), a sensitivistic author and a friend of many ‘Tachtigers’. Nieuwenhuis specially painted the owner’s monogram on the lower cover of the copies that were sold. In this case it is ‘F.H.’, the eldest brother of the author, Cornelis Fredrik Hofker (1849-1921).

34. NOVALIS Die Gedichte von Friedrich von Hardenberg genannt Novalis. [Den Haag], (De Zilverdistel, 1915). Original supple vellum parchment with gilt spine lettering and Zilverdistel vignette in gold on the front cover. In modern paper slipcase with the same vignette (Phoenix Bindery). (6), 132 p. Set by handwith a type designed by Peter Schoeffer of Gernsheim and printed by J. F. van Royen on a hand-operated press of Enschede in red and black in 200 copies. With two brown spots on the lower side of the otherwise creamy white vellum. Bookplate of Lucy Spiegl.
€ 350
* Baroness Spiegl Lucy von Goldschmidt-Rothschild (1891-1977) was friends with Else Lasker-Schüler. Exceptionally beautiful deluxe biliophile edition. Nowadays the designer of the historic type of this book is thought to be not Schoeffer, but the printer Peter Quentell of Cologne (1475-1546). De Zilverdistel 11. Van Royen 1964, 7.

26709735. (OFFEL, Edmond van). FARRAR, F.W. Drie cricket-spelers. (Proof of the bookbinding with two designs). 1. Sketch in green, white and grey on brown paper. Some wear.
2. Title and author in two different strips of paper pasted on a drawing in black on white paper. Signed by Edmond van Offel.
3. Proof binding: front, back and spine in cloth and board in colors and fabric different from the final version.
4. Drie cricket-spelers. Utrecht, H. Honig, [1905]. Decorated cloth after the design by Van Offel. (4), 296 p. With illustrations by Stanley L. Wood. 2nd edition of this Dutch translation of The three homes. A tale for fathers and sons.
€ 275
* Proof bookbinding in black and bright green on rough cloth. The binding that was used is in brown, bright green and greyish green and without embossing on smoothed cloth.
Edmond van Offel (1871-1959) was one of the foremost Belgian art nouveau artists, especially active as a book designer.

25913636. PAAP, W.A. Jeanne Collette. Amsterdam, W. Versluys, 1896. Decorated cloth. 2 vols in one binding. VIII, 576 p. 1st edition. Some tiny spots, but in excellent condition.
€ 300
* Inscribed by the author to his colleague as a writer, the Tachtiger Frans Erens on p. 1: ‘Aan fr. Erens/ van zyn vriend/ paap’. Dedications by Paap are really rare. The splendid art nouveau binding – in blue cloth with red and gilt peacock motifs and two drawings – was probably designed by August Reijding (1863-1930), a draughtsman and architect. The upper cover shows the main subject of this rather antisemitic key novel, the corrupt banker Alex Collette. His daughter Jeanne is his pure and delicate opposite.

37. PERCY, Gilbert Piccalilli. Illustrated by George Thomas & T.R. Macquoid. London, Sampson Low Son and Co., 1862. Gilt and blindstamped blue cloth, decorated with a spider in a cobweb surrounded by branches dotted with lizards, a frog and a bat. Lower cover blindstamped only with intricate decoration. (2), 110 p. All edges gilt. 13 illustrations, all [wood-]engraved by Edmund Evans. First edition. Binding worn: top of spine damaged, worn at the tail. Corners bumped. Some wear and slight stains.
€ 25
* Rare childrens’s book in mediocre condition with very delicate and intimate illustrations.

25604839. RIDEOUT, Henry Milner Dragon’s Blood. Boston/ New York, Houghton Mifflin, 1909. Decorated cloth. (12), 272 p. Illustrated in duotone by Harold M. Brett. Second edition. Spine a little discolored, otherwise a crisp, flawless copy.
€ 45
* Chinese adventure novel by an American author (1877-1927). Fine publisher’s binding: a blue dragon bursting forth with orange flames against a Chinese disk in gold, conceived by The Decorative Designers, Lee and Henry Thayer, as the tiny monogram DD shows.

40. (ROMANTIC BINDING). KATE, J.J.L. ten Italië. Reisherinneringen. Arnhem, J.W. Swaan, [1857]. Richly gilt full morocco. xxviii, 404 pp. All edges gilt. With a full-page tinted lithograph for the title page and 3 extratext tinted lithographical illustrations. List of subscribers after the title. First edition. Very slight wear on some edges, but an almost fine copy.
€ 450
256268Gr* Romantic, eclectic bookbinding: a luxurious Renaissance archway grants a view of St.-Peter’s and the Forum, with a few typical Italians as staffage. The charming scene has been set in an elegant frame of rococo decorations. The binding was designed after the title lithograph and signed in the plate S.J. de Vries, In gold the name of cliché maker S.J. de Vries. Binding signed J. Herfkens Fz., Utrecht (active as a binder 1844-1864). The text is about an eight week trip to Italy, peppered with fine Victorian poetry. With prints of Vesuvius, the Roman Forum and the Grand Canal, by C.C.A. Last.
Reportedly from a 19th century Dutch royal collection, that was sold by Queen Emma (1858-1934) or from her estate.

41. ROYCROFTERS – HUBBARD, Elbert Little Journeys to the homes of Eminent Artists. Vol. II. (Colored by hand). East Aurora, NY, Roycrofters, 1902. 21 x 15 cm. Orig. suede leather with ample turned edges. (10), 164 pp. Top gilt, uncut. Printed on heavy, rough handmade Roycroft paper. With a silk bookmarker. First edition. Leather partly discoloured, construction of the binding a bit loosening.
€ 65
* Hubbard tells in his sprightly way about Corot, Correggio, Bellini, Cellini, Abbey and Whistler. Illustrated with pictures of the artists, vignettes and some very nice initials (book design: Samuel Warner). Most of the vignettes colored by hand and heightened in gold.

26812542. SHAW, George Bernard Shaw Gives Himself Away. An Autobiographical Miscellany. Tregynon, Gregynog Press, 1939. 25 x 17 cm. Full inlaid leather. (4), xii, 196 p. Uncut. With wood engraved portrait of Shaw by John Farleigh. Printed in 300 numbered copies on bluish wove paper hand-made by Arnold and Foster. First edition. Top of spine worn. Orange leather on backstrip a little discolored. Boards not absolutely straight.
€ 500
* Fine sturdy deluxe book with striking binding design by Paul Nash (stamped in red: ‘Gregynog Press Bindery – Paul Nash’ on lower inside cover). Black morocco inlaid with abstract letter forms GBS.

26025843. SHELLEY, P.B. Prometheus unbound. A lyrical Drama in four Acts. [Den Haag], (De Zilverdistel), 1917. Original limp vellum with gilt spine title and Zilverdistel-vignette on upper cover. (4), 148 p. Set by hand and printed by J.F. van Royen on his own hand-press with the Zilvertype in red and black in 125 copies. Modern slipcase with the Zilverdistel vignette (Phoenix Bindery).
€ 550
* De Zilverdistel 15. Van Royen 1964, 11.

44. SIKELIANOS, Angelos De heilige weg. Vertaald door Hans Warren en Mario Molegraaf. Amsterdam, Regulierenpers, 1986. Gilt half morocco with morocco side edges (Phoenix Bindery). 48 p. Set by hand and printed in two hues of green and black on tinted handmade paper in 60 numbered copies. Upper cover a bit discolored.
€ 175
* Four poems by Sikelianos (1884-1951) translated into Dutch. One of 30 deluxe copies. De Regulieren 21/1986.

45. SLAUERHOFF, J. Serenade. Gedichten. Maastricht/ Brussel, The Halcyon Press, 1930. Original wrappers. In a gilt cloth clamshell box (with a vignette by John Buckland Wright, title on spine). (4), 40 p. Set from J. van Krimpen’s Romanée and printed in 310 numbered copies. 1st edition. Top of cover a bit discolored. Fine, intact copy.
€ 1400
* One of only 10 Roman numbered deluxe copies, printed on Japanese paper – and this is one of the major books of poems of the Dutch literature. De Halcyon Pers 3. Van Dijk 230.

26238447. STRICKLAND, Agnes & BARTON, Bernard Fisher’s Juvenile Scrap-Book. By Agnes Strickland and Bernard Barton. 1839. London, Paris, New York, Fisher & Son, 1839. Original embossed green silk, spine gilt. (2), 114 p. All edges gilt. With 16 steel-engravings. First edition. Binding partly a bit discolored. Loosening a bit, some foxing.
€ 45
* Fine binding with tropical bird and flower motifs embossed on green silk.

267541Gr48. (SWITZERLAND). ANNELER, Hedwig & Karl Lötschen, das ist: Landes- und Volkskunde des Lötschentales. Text von Dr. phil. Hedwig Anneler, Bilder von Kunstmaler Karl Anneler. (1/6 Grand Luxe). Bern, Akademische Buchhandlung von Max Drechsel, 1917. 36 x 26 cm. Full vellum, held in a large blue box. (8), 360 p. Two colour pictures. Many b/w illustrations. Printed on heavy handmade paper. Of the edition of 2050 copies, this is one of 50 numbered deluxe copies. First edition. The sewing of some quires is loosening a bit. Page 339-350 have been bound in a wrong order, but all pages are present.
€ 1100
* This is one of 6 extra luxe copies bound in full vellum, the upper cover painted with a large bouquet of flowers and at the bottom with the coat of arms of the first owner, Ernst Bircher (brother of the inventor of Bircher Muesli). These and the spine decorations have been hand painted (and signed) by Karl Anneler, who also was responsible for the many fine book illustrations. An extraordinary luxuriously produced and very attractive Swiss book!

49. VILLON, François Oeuvres de François Villon. Le lais, Le testament et ses ballades. (Den Haag, Kunera Pers, 1926). Original limp vellum with gilt spine title. (4), 142 p. Set by hand and printed with the Disteltype by J.F. van Royen in blue, red and black in 110 copies.
€ 450
* One of the great prewar privately printed editions of the Netherlands. The typography was inspired by the incunables; the initials were cut in boxwood by Van Royen himself, a remarkable feat (especially for a managing director of the Dutch Postal Service, Van Royen’s profession). Van Royen 1964, 15.

269096Gr50. VONDEL, Joost van den Volledige dichtwerken en oorspronkelijk proza. Verzorgd en ingeleid door Albert Verwey. Amsterdam, Becht, 1937. Gilt leather. XXXXIV, 1460 p. Top gilt. With portrait of Vondel by S.H. de Roos, who also was responsible for the fine design of the binding and for the typography. Binding in fine condition. Bookplate. Some paper browning.
€ 90
* Deluxe copy, a sturdy volume in fine full leather binding, executed by the firm of Elias P. van Bommel.

3099051. WILDE, Oscar Een Florentijnsch treurspel. (Translated into Dutch by P.C. Boutens). [Den Haag, self-published], 1909). Original longstitch paper binding. (2), 54 p. Set by hand and printed in red and black on Pannekoek paper by The Saint Catherine Press in Bruges in 50 unnumbered copies. First and only edition in this form. Cover has some very vague folds.
€ 450
* Early translation into Dutch of A Florentine Tragedy. From a series of self-published translations, all printed elegantly in tiny print runs, by Pieter Cornelis Boutens (1870-1943), one of the foremost Dutch poets and translators of his age. Longstitch bindings, a deceptively simple way of bookbinding with two visible strings and a knot on the spine, in the 20th century were only used for solemn deluxe books. Rijkse 2.21.

52. 255872-2(ZILVERDISTEL). SUSTER BERTKEN Een boecxken gemaket van suster bertken die lvii jaren besloten heeft gheseten tot Utrecht in dye buerkercke. [Den Haag], (De Zilverdistel, 1918). Original gilt full vellum. In paper slipcase with gilt vignette of the (Phoenix Binderij). (40) p. Set by hand from the Disteltype and printed by J.F. van Royen in red and black in 70 copies, numbered on the press. Bookplate removed from inside upper cover.
€ 2200
* Probably the most beautiful publication of the bibliophile publisher-printing house De Zilverdistel. First application of Lucien Pissarro’s Disteltype. Van Royen 1964, 12. De Zilverdistel 16.


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