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1. ANDREA, Alberto d’, & Vincenzo CONTRERAS The Normans’ coins of the Kingdom of Sicily. Edizioni d’Andrea, 2016. A4 format. Original wrappers. 292 p. Illustrated in colors. Third edition. With price lists. Like new.
€ 40
* Coinage of the Norman kings of Sicily, 1042-1194. Extensive descriptions in English and Italian. Standard work.

2690362. ANDREA, Alberto d’ The Hohenstaufen’s coins of the Kingdom of Sicily. Edizioni d’Andrea, 2013. A4 format. Original wrappers. 112 p. Illustrated in colors. 1st edition. With price lists. Like new.
€ 20
* Coinage of the Norman kings of Sicily, 1194-1266. Extensive descriptions in English. Standard work.

3. ANDREA, Alberto d’ The Norman’s coins of the Kingdom of Sicily. (&) The Hohenstaufen’s coins of the Kingdom of Sicily. Edizioni d’Andrea, 2013-16. A4 format. Original wrappers. 292 + 112 p. Illustrated in colors. 1st edition. With price lists. Like new.
€ 55
* Coinage of the Norman kings of Sicily, 1042-1266. Extensive descriptions in English. Standard work. Two volumes.

4. (BARBARIAN IMITATIONS). SERGEEV, Andrei Barbarian Coins on the Territory Between the Balkans and Central Asia. Moscow, State Historical Museum, 2012. 31 x 22 cm. Cloth with dust jacket. 256 p. Richly illustrated. Printed on art paper. First edition. Like new.
€ 130
* Andrei Sergeev (1933-1998) amassed a large collection of mainly imitations from Greek and Roman coins, but also Parthian and Byzantine, that were found in the USSR in the second half of the 20th century. This encompasses a vast area, between the Balkans and China. Many coins one would recognize as Celtic, but also different Hellenistic and Roman imitations may be found, and coins that were inspired by Seleucian and Bactrian examples. The book also contains some essays by Sergeev, about the imitations of Macedonian and Thasos tetradrachms, imitated Roman denarii and aurei, about the Taman denarius (Crimea), the Baltic miliaresion, various imitations from the Trans-Caucasian region and the Central Asian copper imitations of Parthian drachms. A treasure of knowledge about a rare subject.

2678595. BIZOT, Pierre Medalische historie der republyk van Holland. Amsterdam, Pieter Mortier, 1690. In ’t Fransch beschreeven door den Heer Bizot, en uit die taal in ’t Nederduitsch gebracht, en wel twee derden vermeerderd; nevens alle de Medalien der Overtocht van Zyn Hoogheid na Engeland, des zelfs Krooning, enz. tot nu toe in gevoegsaame ordre gesteld: met een Byvoegsel van de Grafsteden ter eere der Dappere Helden opgerecht. 4to. Vellum. (8), 36, (8), 364, (40), (16) p. 123 separate plates with medals and numerous medals in the text. Plus portraits of King William III and his Queen Mary, and 15 depictions of the graves of the protagonists of the Amsterdam party of William. Complete. First edition. Vellum somewhat worn and stained, a bit of wear, but a good copy of this useful standard work.
€ 375
* “Medalic history of the Dutch Republic” in Dutch, with hundreds of exact engravings of the medals describing Dutch history between 1560 and 1690. Extended edition compared to the original French first. With an index.

6. FLÄMIG, Otto Monogramme auf Münzen, Medaillen, Marken, Zeichen und Urkunden. 2. stark erweiterte und überarbeitete Auflage mit 2461 gezeichneten Monogrammen. Braunschweig, Klinkhardt & Biermann, 1968. OLn. 184 S. 2. Auflage. Gutes Expl.
€ 20
* Mittelalterliche, kyrillische, fürstliche und städtische Monogramme. Noch immer ein sehr nützliches Buch.

2666818. (FREEMASONS). SCHULMAN, J. Catalogue de médailles et jetons historiques de personnes illustres maçonniques, médailles et décorations militaires, et de livres numismatiques en vente aux prix marquées. Amersfoort, J. Schulman, 1893. Original wrappers. 32 p. First edition. Upper wrapper loose and worn at the edges.
€ 120
* 655 numbers (last ten on inside lower wrapper). Very rare and early catalogue, only one in Worldcat: Santiago de Chile! Merits a fine bookbinding.

9. KHWAREZM / KHOREZM Atlas of Coins of the Soviet Khwarezm 1338-1340 AH (1920-1922 AD). (In Russian and English). Rybinsk, Media-Gradi, 2015. A4. Original illustrated wrappers. 80 p. Richly illustrated with color en b/w photos and line drawings. First edition. One corner slightly bumped. Former owner’s signature.
€ 50
* Thorough analysis and catalogue of the curious coinage (20, 25, 100, and 500 rubles) of the Khorezm People’s Soviet Republic, the successor of the Khanate of Khiva on the southern shore of the Aral Sea. A bilingual book, printed in only 500 copies.

10. KRAUSE, Chester L., & Clifford MISHLER, & Colin BRUCE II Standard catalog of world coins. 18th edition. Complete coverage 1801-1991. Iola, Wisconsin, Krause Publications, 1992. A4. Original wrappers. 1968 p. Illustrated. 18th edition. Used, but in very good condition.
€ 25
* Mintage, prices, weight, fineness, international numeral systems, date conversion. = Onmisbaar voor de muntenverzamelaar.

11. (NETHERLANDS). DIJK VAN MATENESSE, M.-P.J. van Médailles Historiques, Monnaies, Monnaies Obsidionales. Collection de feu M.-P.J. van Dijk van Matenesse. Auction catalogue Frederik Muller, Amsterdam, 10 & 11/10/1917. Amsterdam, Frederik Muller, 1917. Original wrappers. (6), 38, (6) p. With 5 pages of illustrations. First edition. Cover slightly damaged.
€ 20
* Collection of history medals and siege coins of the former mayor of Schiedam, one of the founders of the Dutch Society for Numismatics (1825-1905).

12. (NETHERLANDS). MULLER, Frederik Monnaies d’épreuve, jamais émises, de la République Batave, 1800. Monnaies et Médailles de Louis Napoléon Roi de Hollande 1806-1810. Médailles concernant Napoléon. Médailles historiques XVI-XIXe siècles, a.o. Supplément au catalogue de la vente 30/11 – 3/12/1909 de Frederik Muller, Amsterdam. Amsterdam, Frederik Muller, 1909. No wrappers. 16 p. Illustrated. First edition. Edges a bit worn, browned.
€ 25
* Rare supplement, a collection of proofs and coins from the Netherlands 1800-1810, the first signs of modern coinage!

266552Gr13. (NETHERLANDS). NAHUYS, Comte M.Th.C.F.N. Histoire numismatique du Royaume de Hollande sous le régne de S.M. Louis-Napoléon, roi de Hollande. Récit détaillé … avec documens et planches. Amsterdam, Frederik Muller, 1858. Large 4to, 31 x 23,5 cm. Original paper wrappers, backstrip reinforced. XVI, 202; 13 plates, some folding. Printed on large paper. Uncut. First edition. Some foxing and waterstaining, bookblock partly loose, still a rather good and original copy.
€ 195
* Numismatic history of the Kingdom of the Netherlands during the reign of King Louis Napoleon (1806-1810), brother of Napoleon Bonaparte. With attractive illustrations of coins, medals and decorations printed in colors and gold. Well-researched and rare study with many detailed pictures.

14. (PARTHIAN COINAGE). PETROWICZ, Alexander von Arsaciden-Münzen. Sammlung Petrowicz. Graz, Akademische Druck- und Verlagsanstalt, 1968. 28 x 20 cm. Cloth with dust jacket. X, 208, (52) p. 26 leaves of photographic pictures. Reprint of the original 1904 edition. Some little tears at the top of the lower DJ, otherwise fine.
€ 50
* Comprehensive collection of Parthian coins with extensive descriptions and about 300 illustrated coins.

15. (PENNINGKUNST). N.V. KONINKLIJKE BEGEER Penningen uitgegeven door N.V. Koninklijke Begeer Voorschoten. Voorschoten, N.V. Koninklijke Begeer, (1958). 33 x 21 cm. Geplakt met linnen rugje. 25 eenzijdig gestencilde bladen. Met inliggende, bijbehorende losse prijslijst. Omslag wat gevlekt en verkleurd, linnen rugje bovenaan beetje los.
€ 20
* Het betreft de penningen die anno 1958 te koop waren, 192 in getal.

16. PERKINS, Chris Henry Collectors’ Coins Great Britain Pre-decimal issues 1797-1970 & Decimal issues 1968-2014. (2 boeken samen). London, Rotographic, 2014. Paperbacks. 116 + 126 p. Illustrated. New.
€ 18
* With variants, numbers and value (in British currency) in several conditions.

17. PERKINS, Chris Henry England’s Striking History. A Brief History of England and its Silver Hammered Coinage.
London, Rotographic, 2013. 150 p. Illustrated with drawings. New.
€ 12
* All about British coins from 959-1688. Easy explanation of coins, mints en mintmaster signs, variants and developments, texts and their meaning. Good basis for the collector.

18. PERKINS, Stephen Philip British & Empire Campaign Medals 1793-1902. & British and Irish Campaign Medals 1899-2009. & R.J. Marles: Collectors’ British Military Money 1943-1972. (3 books together). London, Rotographic, 2013, 2009 & 2014. 148, 164 & 56 p. Illustrated. New.
€ 25
* With detailed explanation and values in pounds sterling.

19. PLANT, Richard Roman Silver Coins. A Price Guide. & Roman Base Metal Coins. A Price Guide. (2 books together). London, Rotographic, 2009/ 2010. Paperback. 100 + 92 p. Illustrated with drawings. New.
€ 18
* Clear explanation of the different types. With values in pounds and dollars.

21. RTVELADZE, E.V., a.o. Numizmatika Uzbekistana. Tashkent, Izdatyelstvo ‘Fan’ Uzbekskoj SSR, 1990. Illustrated boards. 116 p. In Russian. With 15 coin plates. 1st edition. Cover a bit worn.
€ 35
* Important collection of numismatic essays by Zeymal, Muskayeava, Pidayev, Rtveladze, Kochnev, Alimov, Alnyeva, Shpeneva and Tuchtyev about a.o. Mirzakul-tepe, the Kashkadarinskiy treasure, Timurid and Bukharhudat coins. Rare book full of information – if you understand Russian.

22. (RUSSIAN COINS). AVERIN, Pyotr Sergejevich Katalog Russiskich Monet y Zhetonov 1700-1917. (Catalogue of Russian Coins and Jetons). Moscow, Auktion Wolmar, 2015. Original illustrated wrappers. 172 p. Fully illustrated in color. Like new.
€ 15
* Handy pocket reference: all types illustrated, with numbers minted, rarity and price. Includes coinage of Russian protectorates (a.o. Poland, Finland) and jetons / medals.

23. (SASANIAN COINS AND IMITATIONS). BARATOVA, L., SCHINDEL, N., & RTVELADZE, E. Sylloge Nummorum Sasanidarum Usbekistan. Sasanidische Münzen und Ihre Imitationen aus Bukhara, Termes und Chaganian. In Zusammenarbeit mit dem Institut für Archäologie der Akademie der Wissenschaften der Republik Usbekistan. Vienna, ÖAW, 2012. A4. Original illustrated boards. 200 p. Richly illustrated. First edition. New (in publisher’s shrinking foil).
€ 68
* Standard scientific work treating the Sassanian coins and their fascinating imitations by the Iranian Huns, the Hephthalites and of the early Islamic governors, and the coins from Bukhara, Samarkand, and Chaganian, from the collections of the museums in Usbekistan. With an overview of the many countermarks (an improvement over the old standard works!). Fine, detailed illustrations.

24. SCHULMAN, Jacques Nederlandse munten van 1795-1961. Een tijdperk van 166 jaren uit de Nederlandse numismatiek, met volledige opgave van de in die tijd geslagen munten, en afbeeldingen van ieder nieuw type, voorafgegaan door een algemene inleiding en historisch overzicht. 2e druk. Amsterdam, Jacques Schulman, 1962. Artificial leather. 178 p. Richly illustrated. Second, revised and extended edition. Bookplate. Small strip cut out from first endpaper. No markings.
€ 12
* Standard work about Dutch coinage for anybody who wants to know more than types, years and rarity. In Dutch.

25. SEAR, David R. Greek Imperial Coins and their Values. The Local Coinages of the Roman Empire. London, Seaby, 1991. Cloth with dust jacket. (34), 636 p. Fully illustrated. Reprint. DJ a bit discolored, some traces of use.
€ 30
* The standard edition of this vast subject in an exact reprint of the first edition of 1982.

26. SEAR, David R. Roman Coins and their Values. Revised Edition 1970. London, Seaby, 1970. Cloth with dust jacket. 376 p., 12 plates. 2nd edition. DJ a bit worn, some vague traces of use.
€ 15
* Standard work in a historical edition (first: 1964).


26728227. SHAGALOV, V.D., & A.V. KUZNETSOV Katalog monet Chacha III-VIII vv. – Catalogue of coins of Chach III-VIII A.D. Tashkent, Edition FAN Academy of Science, 2006. Artificial leather, 328 p. Illustrated with photos, drawings and maps. Printed in 530 copies. First edition. Like new.
€ 45
* Admirable standard work of the coinage in the Chach oasis around Tashkent during the centuries before the islamization, about 200-700 AD. The book is in Russian and English.

26974228. SLUYTERS, H. Vergelijkingstafels van verscheidene buitenlandsche maten, gewigten en munten en het Nederlandsche stelsel van maten, gewigten en munten. Dordrecht, Hendrik Lagerweij, 1846. Origineel omslag. 60 p. Tabellen. Omslag los, rugje versleten.
€ 75
* De omslagtitel is geheel anders: ‘Gemakkelijk hand- en hulpboekje voor alle koopmans-kantoren en andere particulieren’. Uiterst zeldzaam en nuttig vergelijkingsboekje. Met wisselkoersen niet alleen per land, maar ook per plaats. Ook Amerika, Azië en het Midden-Oosten. Pre-napoleontische en metrische gewichten komen hier samen. Terminologie van het Nederlandse metrieke stelsel, waarin een gram nog een ‘wigtje’ heet!

29. SYDENHAM, Edward A. The Coinage of the Roman Republic. Revised with Indexes by G.C. Haines. Edited by L. Forrer and C.A. Hersh. (Reprint, 1976). New York, Sandford J. Durst, 1976. Original gilt black leatherette. (70), 344, (60), 2 p. With schematic drawings of helmets and pendants, and numerous photos of coins. Reprint. Fine condition.
€ 60
* Renowned standard work, clear and detailed, of Roman Republican coinage by the Reverend Sydenham (1873-1948), first published 1952.

30. (TOKENS). RAMSDEN, H.A. Siamese Porcelain and Other Tokens. Yokohama, Japan, Jun Kobayagawa, 1911 = Reprint edition, about 1980. Green wrappers. (4), 60 p. With 20 plates. 345 coins. Fold in upper cover, a bit paled.
€ 12


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