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Numismatica / Coins

1. ANDREA, Alberto d’ The Hohenstaufen’s coins of the Kingdom of Sicily. Acquaviva Picena (AP), Edizioni d’Andrea, 2013. A4 format. Original wrappers. 112 p. Illustrated in colors. 1st edition. With price lists. Like new.
€ 25
* Coinage of the Norman kings of Sicily, 1194-1266. Extensive descriptions in English. Standard work.

2. ANOKHIN, V.A. Monetnoye delo Bospora (Bosporus Coinage – in Russian). Moscow, Izdatelstvo Naukova Dumka, 1986. Boards. 184 p. With 40 plates. Printed in 8400 copies. 1st edition. Excellent condition.
€ 50
* Bosporus coinage from the beginnings (530 BC) to the end of the Bosporean Kingdom in 337 AD. Descriptions and photographs in b/w. Standard coins catalog with extensive introductions. And a useful overview of monograms. All in Russian.

3. BALTIC STATES COINAGE Money in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania/ Geld in Estland, Lettland und Litauen/ Dengi v Estonij, Latvij i Livye 1915 – 1940. Vilnius, Istorijos ir Entografijos Muziejus, 1990. 19 x 21 cm. Original wrappers. 60 p. Original wrappers. Color illustrations. 1st edition. A bit creased.
€ 25
* In three languages: English, German and Russian.

4. (BANKNOTES). BRUCE II, Colin R., & George S. CUHAJ Standard Catalog of World Paper Money Volume three. Modern Issues 1961-1995. Iola, WI, Krause Publications, 1995. 28 x 22 cm. Original wrappers. 592 p. Illustrated. Only the slightest traces of use. Fine condition.
€ 30
* Moderne bankbiljetten 1961-1995. Met prijzen. Vrijwel als nieuw.

5. BIZOT, Pierre Medalische historie der republyk van Holland. In ’t Fransch beschreeven door den Heer Bizot, en uit die taal in ’t Nederduitsch gebracht, en wel twee derden vermeerderd; nevens alle de Medalien der Overtocht van Zyn Hoogheid na Engeland, des zelfs Krooning, enz. tot nu toe in gevoegsaame ordre gesteld: met een Byvoegsel van de Grafsteden ter eere der Dappere Helden opgerecht. Amsterdam, Pieter Mortier, 1690.4to. Vellum. (8), 36, (8), 364, (40), (16) p. 123 separate plates with medals and numerous medals in the text. Plus portraits of King William III and his Queen Mary, and 15 depictions of the graves of the protagonists of the Amsterdam party of William. Complete. First edition. Vellum somewhat worn and stained, a bit of wear, but a good copy of this useful standard work.
€ 290
* “Medalic history of the Dutch Republic” in Dutch, with hundreds of exact copper engravings of the medals describing Dutch history between 1560 and 1690. Extended edition compared to the original French first. With an index.

7. CHANLER, Georgius Nieuwe Keysers Chronica ofte Gheschicht-boeck van alle de Roomsche, soo Oostersche als Westersche keyseren: Oock mede van de Tyrannen ende Rebellen, die soo hier en daer tot keysers verkozen zijn gheworden; oock eensdeels henselven daer voor opgheworpen hebben. Van Cajus Iulius Caesar, den eersten Roomschen Keyser af, tot den tegenwoordigen keyser Mathias toe. Kortelijck begrypende aller keyseren oprechte Afbeeldinghen ende Spreucken; mitsgaders hare Stammen, Verkiesinghen, Officien, Regeeringe, Houwelycken, Kinderen, Ouderdom, Doot ende Begravenisse. Ghetoghen wt de gheloofweerdichste Originele Munten, Antiquiteyten ende Autheuren te samen vergaert; door wylen den Ed.Hoochgheleerden ende Erentfesten Heere Georgius Chanler, Rector gheweest te Padua, I.V.D. Ridder van Sint Marcus, ende veler Potentaten ende Heeren Raets-Heer. Ende nu wt den Hoochduytschen in Nederlandtsche sprake doen oversetten, ende in den Druck bekosticht ende verveerdicht, door Georgius Chanler, des Autheurs Soons Sone. Interprete Iacobo Westfrisio No. Pub. Amstelredamensi. Amsterdam, Nicolaes Biestkens, 1617. Old vellum, rebacked using the old spine. (10), 324 p. Richly illustrated with depictions of coins. 1st edition. Binding soiled and a bit creased. Large engraved 17th century bookplate. Free endpapers renewed. Title remargined. Many corners and one inner margin restored with Japanese paper. Some soiling and a little waterstaining.
€ 525
* “New Emperor Chronicle or History Book of All Roman Emperors, Eastern and Western”. In 17th century Dutch, this is the longest book title we have! The main attraction of this book is the depiction of numerous ancient coins and medals, although the descriptions of the emperors in prose and poetry is nice, too, if you can read the language. With a large attractive 17th century bookplate: two leopards holding a coat of arms with a winged dragon. Under this, a dragon with heads on both ends, each devouring a leopard. Unfortunately we don’t know the name of the owner.

8. (CHINESE COINAGE). Zhongguó liáng piào mùlù. 2003-2004 edition. (China Old Coin Collecting Catalog). (Catalogus van oude Chinese munten). Hangzhou, Zhejiang University Press, 2003. Original wrappers. (6), 138 p. Illustrated in colors. All in Chinese. Fine copy.
€ 65
* Description, measurements and weights, many useful photographs, and estimated values. Old money types from China: shells, knife money and cash coins until 1949. ISBN 7207050267.

9. (CHINESE COINAGE). HE, Yinquan Gu quan xun zhen. Gu qian shoucang. (Searching for Treasures in Ancient Springs. Collecting Old Coins). (Oude Chinese munten). Hangzhou, Zhejiang University Press, 2004. Original folding wrappers. (8), 144 p. Illustrated in colors. All in Chinese. Fine copy.
€ 40
* Early money types from China: shells, knife money and cash coins until about 1900. ISBN 7308035077.

10. (COINAGE AND HISTORY of the WESTERN MEDITERRANEAN WORLD). The Western Greeks. Classical Civilization in the Western Mediterranean. With 1600 illustrations, 600 in colour. London, Thames & Hudson, 1996. 32 x 22 x 6 cm. Cloth with dust jacket. 800 p. Richly illustrated.
€ 50
* About the Greek pioneers in Italy, Sicily, Spain and Gaul: art, coinage and history in Hellenic and Hellenistic times. Large and heavy coffee-table format book.

11. COINAGE OF CENTRAL ASIA, ISLAMIC Sylloge Numorum Arabicorum Tübingen (SNAT) XIV c. Balh und die Landschaften am oberen Oxus. Hurasan III. Bearbeitet von Florian Schwarz. Tübingen-Berlin, Ernst Wasmuth Verlag, 2002. 38 x 28 cm. Original wrappers. 180 p. Vague streak on upper cover, otherwise fine.
€ 90
* Contains pictures and descriptions of 1519 medieval and early modern islamic coins of Andaraba, Badahshan, Balh, Tasqurgan, Tirmid, Hisar-i Sadman/ Shuman, al-Huttal, Rasht, Saganiyan, Tayiqan, Kishm, Waqsh, Walwalig/ Qunduz, and al-Yun/ Hus. Introductions by Lutz Ilisch and Florian Schwarz, descriptions and photos. Includes the multiple dirhams issued about 350-400 AH. Impressive standard work, large size, of the highest quality and in excellent condition.

12. COINAGE OF CENTRAL ASIA, ISLAMIC Sylloge Numorum Arabicorum Tübingen (SNAT) XIV d. Hurasan IV. Gazna/ Kabul. Bearbeitet von Florian Schwarz. Tübingen-Berlin, Ernst Wasmuth Verlag, 1995. 38 x 28 cm. Original wrappers. 108 p. 1st edition. Fine condition.
€ 85
* Contains pictures and descriptions of 1167 coins of about 250-1320 AH of Gazna, Kabul, Bamyan, Panghir, Farwan, Firuzkuh en Qaristan. Introduction by Lutz Ilisch, extensive type table, descriptions and photos. Impressive standard work, large size, of the highest quality and in excellent condition.

13. COINAGE OF CENTRAL ASIA, ISLAMIC Sylloge Numorum Arabicorum Tübingen (SNAT) XV a. Mittelasien I – Central Asia I, Buhara / Samarqand. Bearbeitet von Michael Fedorov – Boris Kochnev – Gulib Kurbanov – Madeleine Voegeli. Tübingen-Berlin, Ernst Wasmuth Verlag, 2008. 38 x 28 cm. Original wrappers. 132 p. 1st edition. Fine condition.
€ 95
* Contains pictures and descriptions of 1268 coins of about 136-1337 AH. Introduction by Lutz Ilisch, cartouche table, descriptions and photos. Indispensable standard work, large size, of the highest quality and in excellent condition.

14. COINAGE OF CENTRAL ASIA, ISLAMIC Sylloge Numorum Arabicorum Tübingen (SNAT) XV b. Mittelasien II – Nord- und Ostzentralasien. Bearbeitet von Tobias Mayer. Tübingen-Berlin, Ernst Wasmuth Verlag, 1998. 38 x 28 cm. Original wrappers. 78 p. 1st edition. Fine condition.
€ 85
* Contains pictures and descriptions of 616 coins of mainly the Samanid, Qarakhanid and various Mongol dynasties, about 800-1500 AD. Admirable introduction, descriptions and photos. For an overview of the mints, see the photo.

17. COINS The Numismatic Chronicle 2001. Volume 161. London, The Royal Numismatic Society, 2001. Linnen. Ruim 500 p. en ca. 60 pagina’s afbeeldingen. 1e druk. In uitstekende staat.
€ 15
* Verzameling artikelen over Griekse, Romeinse, Byzantijnse en Europees-middeleeuwse munten.

18. (COINS, ANTIQUE). TRADART Tradart. Monnaies antiques. Genève, le 12 novembre 1991. Vente publique. Brussels-Genève, Tradart, 1993. 32 x 23 cm. Original gilt green cloth with dustjacket. (8), 224 p. With beautiful illustrations in colors and b/w. List of estimates AND list of results loosely inserted. 1st edition. Fine.
€ 65
* Splendid catalogue of one of the greatest coin houses. Ancient Greek and Roman coinage. The most expensive was a gold stater of the Tauric Chersonesus (from the Beistegui collection) that went for 143 500 Swiss francs.

19. (COINS, ANTIQUE). TRADART Tradart. Monnaies antiques. Genève, le 18 novembre 1993. Vente publique. Brussels-Genève, Tradart, 1993. 32 x 23 cm. Original folding wrappers. (10), 208 p. With beautiful illustrations in colors and b/w. List of estimates AND list of results loosely inserted. 1st edition. Fine.
€ 30
* Splendid catalogue of one of the greatest coin houses. Ancient Greek and Roman coinage. Two coins went for almost 100 000 Swiss francs.

20. (COINS, ANTIQUE). TRADART Tradart. Monnaies antiques. Genève, le 8 novembre 1992. Vente publique. Brussels-Genève, Tradart, 1992. 32 x 23 cm. Original folding wrappers. (10), 158 p. With beautiful illustrations in colors and b/w. With list of estimates. 1st edition. Tiny spot on obverse, otherwise fine.
€ 28
* Splendid catalogue of one of the greatest coin houses. Ancient Greek and Roman coinage.

21. (COINS, ANTIQUE). TRADART Tradart. Monnaies médailles. De l’antiquité classique à l’ère contemporaine. Collections Baron, Hofer, Sternberg et autres médailliers. Avant-propos de la section Judaïca de Zahava Seewald, conservatrice au Musée Juif de Belgique. Vente aux enchères publiques Bruxelles, le 18 décembre 2014. Brussels-Genève, Tradart, 2014. 28.5 x 24 cm. Original folding wrappers. 344 p. With beautiful illustrations in colors and b/w. List of estimates loosely inserted. 1st edition. Fine.
€ 50
* Splendid, sumptuous catalogue of one of the greatest coin houses. Ancient Greek and Roman coinage and medals, a.o. an important collection of Jewish medals.

22. (COINS). BOMPOIS, H.F. Monnaies de Koinon Makedonon. Chicago, Obol International, 1980. Original gilt binding. 108 p. Illustrated with line drawings. Reprint of first edition (1876). Fine condition.
€ 22
* The famous coins with portrait on a shield on obverse, a club with oak leaves on the reverse. Text in French with an excellently illustrated catalog.

23. (COINS). BRACTEATES Archiv für Bracteatenkunde. Herausgegeben von Rudolf von Höfken. I. Band, Heft 2 (1885). Vienna, self-published, 1885. Original wrappers. (40) p., numbered 33-70 + one leaf. With two pictures in the text and a lithographed leaf containing 22 pictures of coins. 1st edition. Delicate original wrappers a bit worn at the sides.
€ 75
* Very rare vintage magazine devoted to the study of medieval coins (bracteates), with its original printed wrappers.

24. (COINS AND METALS IN ANCIENT HISTORY). MOESTA, Hasso, & Peter Robert FRANKE Antike Metallurgie und Münzprägung. Ein Beitrag zur Technikgeschichte. Basel, Birkhäuser, 1995. 21 x 22 cm. Cloth with dust jacket. 184 p. Illustrated. Printed on glossy paper. In German. 1st edition. Excellent condition.
€ 30

25. DEYELL, John S. Living Without Silver. The Monetary History of Early Medieval North India. Delhi, Oxford University Press (Bombay Calcutta Madras), 1990. Cloth with dust jacket. xx, 372, (36) p. Illustrated. 1st edition. Jacket a bit worn, otherwise in excellent condition.
€ 150
* Groundbreaking work.

26. DUYRAT, F. (ALEXANDER THE GREAT AND HELLENISME). DUYRAT, Frédérique Wealth and Warfare. The Archaeology of Money in Ancient Syria. (Numismatic Studies 34). New York, American Numismatic Society, 2016. 29 x 22 x 5 cm. Cloth with dust jacket. (28), 596 p. Illustrated. 1st edition. Almost like new.
€ 120
* Full catalogue of coin hoards and excavation finds of coins from the 5th-1st century BC. Extensive and very thorough study, a beautiful book.

27. (EGYPT). MARESCH, Klaus Bronze und Silber. Papyrologische Beiträge zur Geschichte der Währung im ptolemäischen und römischen Ägypten bis zum 2. Jahrhundert n. Chr. (Papyrogia Coloniensia Vol. 25). Opladen, Westdeutscher Verlag, 1996. Original folding wrappers. xiv, 242 p. 1st edition. Excellent condition.
€ 35
* Detailed study about the value of coinage in Ptolemaean and Roman Egypt until the second century AD, distilled from papyrus scrolls. Abhandlungen der Rheinisch-Westfälischen Akademie der Wissenschaften. In German.

28. ERCKER, Lazarus Drei Schriften. Das kleine Probierbuch von 1556. Vom Rammelsberge, und dessen Bergwerk, ein kurzer Bericht von 1565. Das Münzbuch von 1563. Bearbeitet und eingeleitet von Paul Reinhard Beierlein. Herausgegeben von Heinrich Winkelmann. Bochum, Vereinigung der Freunde von Kunst und Kultur im Bergbau e.V., 1968. 23 x 18 cm. Original cloth. 336 p. Illustrated and with facsimiles. First edition. Very good condition.
€ 25
* Three German treatises from the 16th century about extractive metallurgy, making coins and weighing. Facsimiles and transcriptions in German with historical introduction about the author.

29. FITZMAURICE, M. British Banks and Banking. A Pictorial History. Truro, D. Bradford Barton Ltd., 1975. 21 x 21 cm. Cloth with dust jacket. 96 p. Richly illustrated. 1st edition. Fine.
€ 18
* Lots of reproductions of ancient documents.

30. FLÄMIG, Otto Monogramme auf Münzen, Medaillen, Marken, Zeichen und Urkunden. 2. stark erweiterte und überarbeitete Auflage mit 2461 gezeichneten Monogrammen. Braunschweig, Klinkhardt & Biermann, 1968. OLn. 184 S. 2. Auflage. Gutes Expl.
€ 20
* Mittelalterliche, kyrillische, fürstliche und städtische Monogramme. Noch immer ein sehr nützliches Buch.

32. GILLES, Karl-Josef Die Trierer Münzprägung im frühen Mittelalter. Koblenz, Numismatischer Verlag Gerd Martin Forneck, 1982. Brosch. 48 S. Illustriert. EA. Schönes Expl.
€ 25
* Spätrömische Bleimünzen und -Tessera, Post-Römerzeit, Merowinger und Karolinger. Mit Katalog und deutlichen Abbildungen.

33. GORON, Stan, & J.P. GOENKA The Coins of the Indian Sultanates. Covering the Area of Present-day India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. New Delhi, Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers Pvt. Ltd., 2001. 29 x 22 cm. Cloth with dust jacket. xxxii, 532 p. With 3013 coin illustrations. 1st edition. Fine copy.
€ 240
* Vast standard work, nowadays hard to find.

34. GRIERSON, Philip Byzantine Coinage in its International Setting. Cambridge, Fitzwilliam Museum, 1990. Original wrappers. 16 p. 1st edition. Fine.
€ 16
* Succinct overview, a thousand years of numismatic history in a nutshell.

35. GROUSTRA-WERDEKKER, Aafje H. De rekeningen van de Gelderse Muntmeester Bernaert Proys. Voorburg, Uitgeverij Clinkaert, 2013. Origineel omslag. 112 p. Geïllustreerd. 1e druk. Keurige staat.
€ 15
* Interessante muntgeschiedenis aan de hand van twee rekeningen uit 1481-1485.

36. HAAFF, P. Anne van ‘t Saurashtra (c. 450-50 BC), Surasena (c. 500-350 BC). Silver Punchmarked Coinage. Offprint of the Ahata cd-rom project on Indian Punchmarked Coinage. Burgh-Haamstede, Self-published, 2004. 28 x 21 cm. (8), Original bright orange wrappers. 120 p. Richly illustrated with photos and drawings of coins. 1st edition. Fine copy.
€ 25
* Punch-marked coinage of two Ancient Indian States. Foreword by Paul Murphy. Supported by the Indian Institute of Research in Numismatic Studies and the Oriental Numismatic Society.

37. HILL, George Francis Catalogue of the Greek coins of Arabia, Mesopotamia and Persia (Nabataea, Arabia Provincia, S. Arabia, Mesopotamia, Babylonia, Assyria, Persia, Alexandrine Empire of the East, Persis, Elymais, Characene). With a Map and Fifty-Five Plates. Bologna, Arnaldo Forni, 1965. Original cloth. (6), 220, 360 p., 56 pl. Reprint edition (first: 1922). Cover stained. Last plates loose from bookblock. Some insignificant pencil notes.
€ 45
* Important catalogue of the lesser known Greek coinage of the East, mainly of the period before 200 AD. Still valuable.

38. (HOEF, Kees van der / Jac. J. van GOOR). MOLT, E. Oranje Boven. Een boek voor jong en oud, uitgegeven ter gelegenheid van den 50sten verjaardag van H.M. Koningin Wilhelmina. Geïllustreerd met 24 portretten [van leden van het Oranjehuis]. Amsterdam, Van Holkema & Warendorf, 1930. Versierd perkament. 248 p. Met 24 fotografische afbeeldingen van penningen, ontworpen door Jac. J. van Goor, in sierkader op kunstdrukpapier. 1e druk. Boekband iets gesleten.
€ 125
* Dit is een luxe-exemplaar op geschept papier en gebonden in perkament met art-deco-versiering door de penningontwerper en beeldhouwer Kees van der Hoef.

39. (HOLTZHEY, Martinus & Joan George). SANDERS, G.P. Catalogus der medailles, of gedenkpenningen, betrekking hebbende op de voornaamste historiën der Vereenigde Nederlanden, vervaardigt door de medailleurs Martinus & Joan George Holtzhey, tot Amsterdam. (Medal Catalogue). Utrecht, Nederlands Muntmuseum, 2003. A5-formaat. Origineel omslag. 148 p. Geïllustreerd. Keurige staat.
€ 28
* Onmisbaar voor penningkundigen. Inleiding en transcriptie van de tekst door George Sanders, redactie Albert Scheffers.

40. (INDIA-IRAN). ALRAM, Michael & KLIMBURG-SALTER, Deborah E. Coins, Art and Chronology. Essays on the Pre-Islamic History of the Indo-Iranian Borderlands. Vienna, Verlag der österreichischen Akademie der Wissenschaften, 1999. 31 x 21 cm. Cloth with dust jacket.
€ 95
* 24 scientific articles about a.o. Bactrian and Kushan numismatics and history (from 300 BC to 800 AD) by many great numismatists, i.a. E. Zeymal and Robert Göbl, Joe Cribb and Rika Gyselen. Denkschriften Philosophisch-Historische Klasse der Numismatischen Kommission, Band 33. ISBN-13 978-3700128427. Large format.

41. IZMIRLIER, Yilmaz Aydinogullari Beyligi paralari. Istanbul, self-published, 2005. Original gilt cloth. 177, XII, 1 p. Printed on art paper, 12 pages of illustrations. Bilingual: in Turkish and English. 1st edition. Fine.
€ 70
* Coins from the Beyliks of Aydin (incl. Izmir). Standard work.

42. JOBERT, Louis Lodewyk Joberts Kennisse der aloude en hedendaagsche gedenkpenningen. Zynde hier bygevoegd veele nieuwe ondekkingen; Als mede eene Lyst van alle de Romeinsche Keizers en Keizerinnen, vorsten, vorstinnen en dwinglanden, welker beeldenissen op de gedenkpenningen gevonden worden, van Julius Caesar af tot Heraclius toe (…). Uit het Fransch vertaald en met Aanteekeningen verrykt door Mr. J.A. Leiden, J.A. Langerack, 1728. Herbonden in stevig, modern kunstleer. 462, (50) p. 11 uitslaande bladen met afbeeldingen + kleine gravure op de titelpagina. 1e druk. Papier wat verbruind, enkele watervlekken, maar compleet.
€ 140
* Naslagwerk samengesteld door de Franse numismaat, de jezuïet Louis Jobert (1637-1719), bewerkt door Joannes Alensoon (Alençon, 1683-1769), van wie ook een uitvoerig, zorgvuldig opgesteld reisjournaal van Italië uit 1723-1724 bekend is. Met veel wetenswaardigheden en aanwijzingen over het verzamelen, o.a. met betrekking tot de zeldzaamheid. Leuk om te lezen!

43. KHWAREZM / KHOREZM Atlas of Coins of the Soviet Khwarezm 1338-1340 AH (1920-1922 AD). (In Russian and English). Rybinsk, Media-Gradi, 2015. A4. Original illustrated wrappers. 80 p. Richly illustrated with color en b/w photos and line drawings. First edition. One corner slightly bumped. Signature.
€ 35
* Thorough analysis and catalogue of the curious coinage (20, 25, 100, and 500 rubles) of the Khorezm People’s Soviet Republic, the successor of the Khanate of Khiva on the southern shore of the Aral Sea. A bilingual book, printed in only 500 copies.

46. LOON, Gerard van Hedendaagsche Penningkunde, zynde eene verhandeling van den Oorspronk van’t geld, de opkomst en’t onderscheyd der Gedenkpenningen; den Aardt en de Rekenwyze der Legpenningen; de wyze van’t syfferen der ouden, den oorspronk der Syfferletteren, Toverpenningen en Noodmunten. Midsgaders van de vaste Grondregelen, die in ’t ontwerpen, vergaderen, schikken en behandelen der Penningen moeten worden inachtgenomen. Den Haag, Christiaan van Lom, 1732. 49 x 31 cm. Karige 18e-eeuwse interimband van zacht karton, op de rug met touwen genaaid. Groot papier, niet afgesneden, met zeer brede marges. (12), 390, (26) p. Met vele kleine gravuurtjes van munten en penningen. 1e druk. Enigzins los.
€ 375
* Met uitvoerige inleiding over historische numismatiek vanaf het primitieve geld (larins!) en het brons van de oude Romeinen, gedetailleerde beschrijving van penningen uit de 16e-18e eeuw met uitvoerige toelichting, en ook aanwijzingen voor het verzamelen en de behandeling van munten. Met registers, ook van inscripties. Vraag om foto’s. == Translation from the Early Modern Dutch of the full title: “Contemporary Numismatics, being a treatise on the origin of money, the rise and the distinction of the commemorative medals; the Nature and the Method of Medals; the way of the counting by the ancients, the origin of the ciphers, Magic tokens and Emergency coins. Also of the fixed Basic Rules which must be observed in the design, collecting, arrangement and treatment of the Pennies.”

48. MITCHINER, Michael Coin circulation in southernmost India. Anjaneri, Indian Institute of Research in Numismatic Studies, 1995. 29 x 20 cm. Publisher’s illustrated hardback. 250 p. Richly illustrated. Many maps and script tables. First edition. A bit discolored. Cover coating crinkled. Some foxing at the beginning and the end of the book.
€ 90
* Important study of Indian coinage from the beginning to about 1800, hard to find.

50. (NETHERLANDS). NAHUYS, Comte M.Th.C.F.N. Histoire numismatique du Royaume de Hollande sous le régne de S.M. Louis-Napoléon, roi de Hollande. Récit détaillé … avec documens et planches. Amsterdam, Frederik Muller, 1858. Large 4to, 31 x 23,5 cm. Original paper wrappers, backstrip reinforced. XVI, 202; 13 plates, some folding. Printed on large paper. Uncut. First edition. Some foxing and waterstaining, bookblock partly loose, still a rather good and original copy.
€ 150
* Numismatic history of the Kingdom of the Netherlands during the reign of king Louis Napoleon (1806-1810), brother of Napoleon Bonaparte. With attractive illustrations of coins, medals and decorations printed in colors and gold. Well-researched and rare study with many detailed pictures.

51. NORTH, J.J. English Hammered Coinage. Volume 2: Edward I to Charles II. 1272-1662. London, Spink, 1975. Cloth with dust jacket. (2), 192, (24) p. With 11 b/w plates. 2nd revised edition (first: 1960). DJ a bit worn.
€ 30

53. NUMISMATIEK Van Gelder-lezing. Nr. 1, 2, 3, 7 en 9. Leiden, Koninklijk Penningkabinet, 2002-2011. 5 delen. Geniet met stofomslagen. 48-72 p. Geïllustreerd. 1e drukken. In prima conditie.
€ 25
* 1. Femme S. Gaastra: Particuliere geldstromen binnen het VOC-bedrijf, 1640-1795. (2002)
2. Jos G.A. Bazelmans: De Romeinse muntvondsten in de drie noordelijke provincies: methodische kanttekeningen bij een nieuwe periodisering der relaties. (2003)
3. Wim van Anrooij: Numismatiek en heraldiek: een kleurloze geschiedenis? (2004)
7. Karel A. Soudijn: Naar het u lijkt. Munten, penningen en waarnemingspsychologie. (2008)
9. Joost Welten: Met klinkende munt betaald. Muntcirculatie in de beide Limburgen 1770-1839. (2010)

54. ÖLCER, Cuneyt Yildirim Bayezid’in Ogullarina ait Akçe ve Mangirlar. (Istanbul, self-published, 1968). Original wrappers. 148, 16, (8) p. Mostly in Turkish. With pictures of coins and a summary in English. 1st edition. Very good condition.
€ 28
* Standard work about the coinage of the sons of Bayezit I during the Ottoman Interregnum in Turkey and the reign of Mehmet I (1403-1422). Extensive schematic illustrations.

57. (OSTGOTISCHE NUMISMATIK). KRAUS, Franz Ferdinand Die Münzen Odovacars und des Ostgotenreiches in Italien. Bologna, Forni Editore, [1967]. OU. XVI, 232 S., 16 Bl. Münzbilder auf Tafeln (inkl. Frontispiz). Fotographische Neuauflage (erste: 1928). Winzige Umschlagschaden, sonst sehr schön und ungelesen.
€ 65
* Münzen von Odoaker (Odoacer), der germanische Führer und erster König von Italien. Einleitung, Katalog und hunderte deutliche Schwarzweissfotos. == Excellent catalog of the coins of the Kingdom of Italy, 476-493. Photographic reprint.

58. (OTTOMAN COINAGE). SULTAN, Jem Coins of the Ottoman Empire and the Turkish Republic: A detailed catalogue of the Jem Sultan collection. (2 vols in slipcase). Thousand Oaks, CA, B & R Publishers, 1977. 26 x 18 cm. Complete in two volumes in a (sturdy) slipcase. Dark green artificial leather. XXVI, 457, (13 blank) p.; X, 353 plates, (5 blank) p. Both volumes numbered 439 of 500 copies, and parafed by Jem Sultan. Fine condition.
€ 300
* Voluminous and knowledgeable overview of Ottoman and later Turkish coinage from the beginning in 1326 to 1976. Vol. 1 contains texts, vol. 2 b/w photos (of good quality). With separate sections on Ottoman medals and counterfeits. Heavy original slipcase reinforced with wood. Excellent standard work on Turkish coins!

59. (PARTHIAN COINAGE). PETROWICZ, Alexander von Arsaciden-Münzen. Sammlung Petrowicz. Graz, Akademische Druck- und Verlagsanstalt1968. 28 x 20 cm. Cloth with dust jacket. X, 208, (52) p. 26 leaves of photographic pictures. Reprint of the original 1904 edition. Some little tears at the top of the lower DJ, otherwise fine.
€ 30
* Comprehensive collection of Parthian coins with extensive descriptions and about 300 illustrated coins.

60. PERKINS, Chris Henry Collectors’ Coins Great Britain Pre-decimal issues 1797-1970 & Decimal issues 1968-2014. (2 books together). London, Rotographic, 2014. Paperbacks. 116 + 126 p. Illustrated. New.
€ 20
* With variants, numbers and value (in British currency) in several conditions.

61. PERKINS, Chris Henry England’s Striking History. A Brief History of England and its Silver Hammered Coinage.
Londen, Rotographic, 2013. 150 p. Illustrated with drawings. New.
€ 15
* All about British coins from 959-1688. Easy explanation of coins, mints en mintmaster signs, variants and developments, texts and their meaning. Good basis for the collector.

62. PERKINS, Stephen Philip British & Empire Campaign Medals 1793-1902. & British and Irish Campaign Medals 1899-2009. & R.J. Marles: Collectors’ British Military Money 1943-1972. (3 books together). London, Rotographic, 2013, 2009 & 2014. 148, 164 & 56 p. Illustrated. New.
€ 22
* With detailed explanation and values in pounds.

63. PLANT, Richard Roman Silver Coins. A Price Guide. & Roman Base Metal Coins. A Price Guide. (2 books together). London, Rotographic, 2009/ 2010. Paperback. 100 + 92 p. Illustrated with drawings. New.
€ 18
* Clear explanation of the different types. With values in pounds and dollars.

64. RATTO, Rodolfo Monnaies byzantines et d’autres pays contemporaines a l’epoque byzantine. La plus riche et plus vaste collection privée. Amsterdam, J. Schulman, 1974. 27,5 x 21,5 cm. Cloth. (6), 154, 68, (4) p. 2701 coins. With 68 plate pages and a list of price results. Reprint. Like new.
€ 25
* Auction catalogue of a very large collection (2701 pcs.) of Byzantine coins and its offspring (imitations by Vandals, Longobards, Turcomans and everything in between) and contemporary coins of Europe. Issued in 1930, this is still a standard work with more than a thousand well-illustrated coins (in black and white).

65. RAVEL, O.E. Numismatique grecque. Falsifications. Moyens pour les reconnaître. London, Spink, 1947. Cloth-backed boards. 108 p. 10 plates. In French. 1st edition. Very good copy.
€ 40
* Detailed information about the forgery of ancient Greek coinage and how to recognize it.

66. (RUSSIAN COINS). AVERIN, Pyotr Sergejevich Katalog Russiskich Monet y Zhetonov 1700-1917. (Catalogue of Russian Coins and Jetons). Moscow, Auktion Wolmar, 2015. Original illustrated wrappers. 172 p. Fully illustrated in color. Like new.
€ 15
* Handy pocket reference: all types illustrated, with numbers minted, rarity and price. Includes the coinage of Russian protectorates (a.o. Poland, Finland) and jetons / medals.

69. SAYLES, Wayne G. Ancient Coin Collecting VI. Non-Classical Cultures. Iola, WI, Krause Publications, 1999. Hardbound with dust jacket. x, 198 p. Richly illustrated in black and white. 1st edition. DJ a bit dirty on the spine, otherwise fine.
€ 30
* The very best and easy to digest information about collecting Celtic and Eastern ancient coins. = De beste, degelijke informatie voor beginners en gevorderden over het verzamelen van Keltische en Oosterse munten uit de Oudheid.

70. STAATSCOURANT Nederlandsche Staatscourant. Nr. 300 + 306, 20 en 28 December 1826. 46 x 27 cm. 6 bladen elk. Verbruind en met scheuren op de vouwen.
€ 35
* O.a. over een bende valsemunters in Zwitserland, die wel 80 à 100 leden telde.

72. STEVENS, Paul, & Randy Weir. The Uniform Coinage of India: 1835 to 1947. A Catalogue and Pricelist. London, Spink, 2012. Hardcover. xiv, 364 p. Catalogue and price estimates. Richly illustrated (in color). 1st edition. Corners bumped, otherwise fine.
€ 45
* Excellent standard work about 19th and 20th century India coins.

73. TSOTSELIA, Medea History and Coin Finds in Georgia. Sasanian and Byzantine coins from Tsitelitskaro (AD 641). Wetteren, Moneta, 2002. A4 format. 92, (16) p. With extensive tables and about 200 coins on pictures. 1st edition. Fine copy.
€ 35
* Rare paper version of this numismatic study of a hoard of Sassanian drachms (+ contemporary Hunnic imitations, extensively illustrated and exactly described.

74. VALENTINE, W.H. The Copper Coins of India. Part 1: Bengal and the United Provinces (&) Part 2: The Panjab and Continuous Native States of Bahawalpur, Baluchistan, Chamba, Kashmir, Patiala, Sirmur. London, Spink, 1971. 2 vols in one binding. Cloth. 266 p. With coin illustrations and maps. In repro of manuscript. Reprint. Binding a bit discolored.
€ 25
* Classical standard work, first published in 1914.

75. VIETNAM COINAGE East Asia Journal No. 6. Ft. Wayne, IN, Bruce W. Smith, 1983. 30 x 21 cm. Original wrappers. 94 p. Illustrated. 1st edition. Fine condition.
€ 25
* Reprint of ‘Annam and its Minor Currency’ (1882) by Ed. Toda, with an added price guide.

76. WROTH, Warwick William Catalogue of the Coinage of Parthia. Adamant Media Corporation, 2003 (Elibron Classics). Original wrappers. (6), (80), 290, (78) p. Illustrated. Faithful reprint of the 1903 first edition. Handling crease in the cover and first fifteen leaves, otherwise fine.
€ 25
* Classical standard work about Parthian coinage. This copy belonged to the well-known numismatic expert Anne van ’t Haaff, who wrote a standard work about Elymais coinage.


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