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sinds 1994

Catalogue 78: PAULBOOKS


For the Amsterdam International Antiquarian Book Fair in the Marriott Hotel, Amsterdam, on October 1 & 2, we made a new Paulbooks catalog, all in English. You may discover a varied selection of early aviation, incunables, beautiful books and bookbindings, original letters, signatures and dedications, unusualities and rarities, classics of Literature, and quaint humor.

2682991. (AVIATION). ANNUNZIO, Gabriele d’ Hydravions Savoia – Aeroplanes Savoia. Sesto Calende, Società Idrovolanti Alta Italia (S.I.A.I.), [1922]. 33 x 24 cm. Original wrappers. 48 p. Richly illustrated. Printed in brown, all text pages within an ochre frame. In French. Cover dusty and browned, backside a bit dented. Inserted is a wire photo of D’Annunzio, a bit askew and used, dated ‘Aug 15 1922’.
€ 200
* Trade catalog for flying boats with photos and plans of various models. Under the banner of author, aviator and politician Gabriele d’Annunzio. The centerfold of this catalog consists of a large repro of a letter by D’Annunzio, the descriptions are interspersed with his citations.

Advertising portfolio with data sheets of Dornier airplanes, 2 prospects and 6 offprints. Friedrichshafen, Dornier-Werke, 1939. 30 x 21 cm. Richly illustrated. Almost all in German. Portfolio dusty, contents perfect.
* 1. Typenblätter der Dornier-Baumuster 1939. Offprint from the Flugzeug-Typenbuch. 8 p.
2. Kampfflugzeug Dornier DO-17. Enlarged offprint from Do Post. 8 p.
3. Mehrzwecke-Flugzeug Dornier DO-22. Enlarged offprint from Do Post. 8 p.
4. Hochsee-Grossflugboot Dornier DO-24. Enlarged offprint from Do Post. 8 p.
5. Transozean-Flugboot Dornier DO-26. Offprint from Luftwissen. 8 p.
6. Transozeanflugboot Dornier DO-26. Trade prospect. 4 p.
7. Kampfflugzeug Dornier DO-215. Trade prospect. 4 S.
8. Dornier Transatlantic Flying Boat. Offprint from Engineering, May 26, 1939.

2690433. (AVIATION). WAR TOY FIRECRACKER Balkankrieg. Flieger über Adrianopel, Bomben werfend. (Man zünde den Stern mit einer glühenden Zigarre oder brennendem Streichholze an). Germany, 1912-1913. 16 x 10 cm. Colorful illustration of Adrianopel under a primitive biplane. A cross just under the airplane points to the place where you should place your burning cigar or match. At the blank reverse, a black powder trail leads to a firecracker in the center of the town. Unused and like new.
* The First Balkan War, to be precise, the siege of Adrianopel (November 1912 – March 26, 1913) was the first to see the use of military airplanes: Bulgarians threw bombs from planes with their bare hands! Added: another firecracker toy of the same series, depicting the Bulgarian Army firing near Çatalca, a town and ships in far view.

269126aviation4. AVIATION 12 wire photos between 1911 and 1939, one concerning a biplane, the other 11 about zeppelins (utility photos that were sent by telephone from a press agency to newspapers). The oldest (1911-1912) is without text, only ‘Horace Kearney’ and a number in blue. One is stamped but undated. The others have reverse stamps and text captions, usually ditto-copied on paper pasted onto the reverse. They are dated from October 25, 1928 to April 5, 1939. Various sizes: 18-25 x 13-20 cm. Condition good-very good: in total, 3 tiny corners are missing, one photo has a marginal 3 cm tear. Some creasing and traces of use.
€ 275
* 1. Horace Kearney (1885-1912) in a biplane, flying low, a car marked ‘Oakland’ beneath it.
2. Wreckage of the L2, that crashed in Berlin on October 17, 1913, killing 28. Two cars with Berlin license plates and a Reichsadler symbol on the foreground.
3-5. Fine portrait of Hugo Eckener (1936); a photo of Eckener with two fellow aviators, Frank Hawks and Prince Nicholas of Romania; and one of Eckener’s son Knut, who repaired a zeppelin on the outside in mid-air.
6-8. Three photos connected with the Akron. One outstanding photograph showing the hundreds of helium tanks that were used to fill the ship; one showing the crew of the rescue ship Falcon salvaging the control car of the wrecked Akron; and one is a portrait of Commander Herbert V. Wiley, one of the three survivors.
9-10. Two photos of the C-52, one of an experiment with an observation car; and one of the airship hovering over the Washington tidal basin (1931).
11. The rigid airship Los Angeles flying over the Times Square Building and Hotel Lincoln in New York, with the river Hudson in the background (1930).
12. Picture of the nose of a new dirigible being built in Camarillo, CA, designed by Thad Rose. This is the last of the collection, dating from April 7, 1939.

2673375. BARTON, Rick Netsukes. 21 blocks cut by rick barton. San Francisco, The Porpoise Bookshop, 1959. 23 x 15 cm. Original wrappers. 21 linocuts on 42 leaves, some double. Printed in 88 copies by Henry Evans of the Peregrine Press on fine Japanese paper. 1st edition. Vague stain on upper cover.
* Whimsical depictions of netsukes, some erotic. Barton, a beat artist, was active in the 1950’s and early 1960’s.

2675706. (BEARDSLEY, Aubrey). DOWSON, Ernest The Pierrot of the Minute. Londen, Leonard Smithers, 1897. Original gilt green cloth with designs by Beardsley on both sides. (2), 46 p. Illustrated with a frontispice, two vignettes and an initial by Aubrey Beardsley. Printed in 330 copies. 1st edition. A few minuscule stains, but the binding is fine and the gold is shimmering brightly.
* ‘One of the masterpieces of bookmaking in the Nineties’ according to James G. Nelson in his Smithers book. An apogee in the work of these geniuses, both on the threshold of death (Beardsley 1872-1898, Dowson 1867-1900), forged to a perfect synthesis by publisher Leonard Smithers (1861-1907).

2681537. (BEARDSLEY, Aubrey). POPE, Alexander The Rape of the Lock. A Heroi-Comical Poem in Five Cantos. Embroidered with Nine Drawings by Aubrey Beardsley. London, Leonard Smithers, 1896. Original richly gilt blue cloth with design by Beardsley. (2), 48 p. Uncut. Illustrated with a frontispice, six drawings printed on art paper, a headpiece and a tailpiece. Binding fine. The gold is a bit uneven, but it is shimmering brightly. Inside covers partly browned.
* The splendorous binding and eight superb illustrations make this book one of the pinnacles of the 1890’s.


2562788. (BINDING, ROMANTIC). BOGAERS, A. Jochébed. (Three different deluxe bindings). Amsterdam, C.A. Spin & Zoon, 1835 (2 x); A.C. Kruseman, 1861. 22 x 14 cm, 26 x 19 cm. Gilt calf, gilt silk and gilt velvet. (16), 68 and (2), 86 p. All three books with 7 small lithographs on Chine printed by Desguerrois & Co., signed ‘M’ in the plate. 1st and 2nd edition.
* 1. 1835. Contemporary red leather with gilt central motif (stylised lyre), double blindstamped border and gilt frame (thornless roses with leaves), with identical lower cover. Spine with tiny text (4 cm). Flyleaves of blue moiré silk (identical to cover of 2!) with gilt frame and on the turn-in a gilt border of grapes and leaves. With leather ticket on inside lower cover: ‘Geb. door Vom Rath. Te Amsterdam’. Slight wear and some rubbing damage. Paper flyleaves wrinkled.
2. 1835. Contemporary blue moiré silk with gilt central motif (stylised lyre, identical to 1), single blindstamped border of grapes and leaves (identical to the inside decoration of 1!) and gilt border (two variants of the aster family with leaves), with identical lower cover. Spine with long text (11 cm). Flyleaves of cream-colored moiré silk with gilt frame and on the turn-in a gilt border of grapes and leaves. Leather ticket on inside lower cover: ‘Geb. door Vom Rath. Te Amsterdam’. Slight wear on corners and edges.
3. 1861. Contemporary richly gilt red velvet with text in centerpiece within a baroque border intertwined with ivy leaves, in a double frame. Lower cover with the same borders in blindstamp, no text. Spine blank. Flyleaves of yellow moiré silk with leather hinges. Binder’s mark ‘J.V. v.d. Heuvel/ Hofboekbinderij/ ’s Hage’.
Jochébed is a Dutch popular biblical poem of the 19th century about the mother of Moses. These books are reportedly from a Dutch royal collection, that was sold by Queen Emma (1858-1934) or from her estate.

2562709. (BINDING, ROMANTIC). KATE, J.J.L. ten
De planeeten. Een gedicht. Utrecht, Kemink & Zoon, 1866. Richly gilt and embossed red cloth. (6), 314 p. All edges gilt. Wood-engraved frontispice by J.H. Rennefeld: angels in heaven. 1st edition. Fine elaborate binding. Some pages a bit foxed.
* ‘The Planets. A Poem’. A long poem of 200 pages followed by 100 pages of clarifications. Title amidst a flurry of stars on upper cover in an elaborate frame, gilt and embossed. A feast of polished, frosted, diamond-shaped and leatherprint surfaces! The lower cover is embossed with a similar design.


267568-H10. (BINDING, VENICE, 1900). RUSKIN, John The Stones of Venice. Introductory chapters and local indices (printed separately) for the use of travellers while staying in Venice and Verona. Selections. New York, Merrill & Baker, (ca. 1891-1900). 8vo. 17 x 12 cm. Leather spine with boards of inlaid mother of pearl, with a portrait of Ruskin on the upper and a Venetian lion drawn on the lower cover in mother of pearl surrounded by decorations in the same material, set in a framework of gilded and colored, curved wood and brass. 324 p. Top decorated with a flowered gauze, then gilded. With illustrations. Spine worn. Pieces of wood have become a bit unequal.
* Brilliant bookbinding! An imitation of a 16th-century extraordinarily luxurious Renaissance binding (known as ‘Commissioni Dogali’), that dates from about 1900. The binding testifies of expert and loving Venetian craftsmanship. The book is a shortened traveler’s version of The Stones of Venice.

26460911. (BINDING). BARKER, W.R. St. Mark’s, or the Mayor’s Chapel, Bristol, Formerly Called the Church of the Gaunts. Bristol, W.C. Hemons, 1892. 27 x 20 cm. Richly gilt full morocco (signed L. Broca on inside upper cover). 1st edition. One lower corner bumped, very slight wear along the spine. Engraved bookplate of Alfred Trapnell, little leather label with a number (1203) and a small ticket mentioning Broca. Some browning of inside edges.
* One of 200 numbered large paper copies. A magnificently gilt binding by French-born brilliant British bookbinder Lucien Broca, copying the gothic rose window in St. Mark’s Church on both sides of the book.


26521412. (BINDING). CAMPBELL, Ken Execution. [London], self-published, 1990. 37 x 31 cm. Leather-backed darkly decorated boards in hand-painted slipcase (Binderij Phoenix). 35 sheets. Printed by the artist entirely in black and colors in 40 numbered copies. 1st edition.
* Huge and deeply impressive artist’s book, inspired by the famous typography schedule of Jan Tschichold for the ideal location of a text on a page. With violent lyrics / poems, and equally violent, rather abstract images and dark colors. This copy has not been numbered and signed by the artist, but it was bound in a special binding by David Simaleavich.

26812513. (BINDING). SHAW, George Bernard Shaw Gives Himself Away. An Autobiographical Miscellany. Tregynon, Gregynog Press, 1939. 25 x 17 cm. Original full inlaid leather. (4), xii, 196 p. Uncut. With wood engraved portrait of Shaw by John Farleigh. Printed in 300 numbered copies on bluish hand-made wove paper. 1st edition. Top of spine worn. Orange leather on backstrip a little discolored. Boards not absolutely straight.
* Fine sturdy deluxe book with striking binding design by Paul Nash (stamped in red: ‘Gregynog Press Bindery – Paul Nash’ on lower inside cover). Black morocco inlaid with abstract letter forms GBS.

268501gr14. (BIRD & BULL PRESS). HEANEY, Howell J., with Henry MORRIS Thirty Years of Bird & Bull. A Bibliography, 1958-1988. Newtown, PA, Bird & Bull Press, 1988. A box containing a book and a portfolio. 32 x 26 x 8 cm (box). Cloth with gilt leather title ticket in two colors. Portfolio containing 28 ephemera of varying sizes. Leather-backed book with starch marbled sides. 108 p. Illustrated and with inserts of various printed papers and tipped-in samples. Set in Van Dijck types and printed in 300 numbered copies on dampened paper handmade by Henry Morris himself. 1st edition. Name and address of first owner on first flyleaf, and with original printed invoice.
€ 250
* Extensive bibliography of the fine editions of this playful private printer with a voluminous panorama of piquant ephemera from various publications. And with a pristine prospect.


25281815. BONNETAIN, Paul Autograph Letter Signed to an unknown correspondent in Britain. Handwritten letter on ‘Original Louvre Mill’ paper. 17 x 11 cm. To ‘Cher Monsieur’. 4 p. Dated ‘Nice, 18 février’, [1886]. 72 lines. Folded, small tear at the foot.
€ 175
* Cordial but pessimistic letter to Bonnetain’s agent in England about the approaching publication of his book Opium around May 15, 1886. Obviously, he is in dire straits after the turmoil that originated by the publication of his shocking novel Charlot s’amuse (1883), that openly discussed the heinous effects of masturbation. About translations in English, German and Italian. Moreover, there are plans to publish a complete French translation of Confessions of an English Opium-Eater by De Quincey introduced by Bonnetain: ‘j’ai promis à l’éditeur une préface qui fera naitre des polémiques’. This project, however, never materialized.
An informative letter by a courageous author, doomed to die only 40 years old in Laos (1899).


26767716. BOURGES, Elémir Le Crépuscule des Dieux. (With 26 original etchings by Richard Ranft). Paris, Le Livre Contemporain, 1905. 27 x 20 cm. Richly decorated brown polished full morocco with slipcase (Weckesser et ses fils). Gilt spine with five ribs. Covers with six gilt frames of straight lines alternating with dotted lines and ornate corners. Marbled endpapers with gilt line decorations on the edges and sides. Uncut, yet all edges gilt. (4), 264 p. Printed in 119 numbered copies. In excellent condition.
€ 2950
* This copy was printed for the illustrator and enriched with four original watercolors (including a rejected sketch for the cover), three letters of the writer to the embellisher Ranft and one from the professor of medicine S. Baudry, who was very enthusiastic about this book.
A book that is absolutely Right: an exquisite early bibliophile edition, printed in a low number and illustrated with splendid color etchings, gorgeously bound by one of the most prominent binders. The copy of the illustrator, festively enhanced with watercolors and author’s correspondence!


17. BOUTENS, P.C. As: Andries de HOGHE Strofen uit de nalatenschap van Andries de Hoghe. Naar het handschrift uitgegeven door P.C. Boutens. Bussum, Van Dishoeck, 1919. Original longstitch paper binding. 80 p. Uncut. 1st edition. Fine copy.
* First edition of the impressive poems by Boutens (1870-1943) about gay love. A famous mystification: Boutens consistently upheld the authorship of an other, pseudonymous author, who had entrusted his poetry to Boutens and died young. In Dutch, never translated. Deluxe copy: one of 30 numbered deluxe copies on Japanese paper, signed by the publisher under the colophon. This is Nr. 30.
In the 20th century, longstitch bindings, a deceptively simple way of bookbinding with two visible strings and a knot on the spine, were only used for solemn deluxe books. Rijkse 2.55.

26909418. BOUTENS, P.C. Verzamelde werken. (Collected works, full vellum edition). Haarlem/ Den Haag, Enschedé/ Boucher, 1943-1954. 7 vols. Original gilt full vellum. Tops gilt. Uncut. 2500 p. Printed in 1060 numbered sets.
€ 750
* The collected poetical works of the stern classical Dutch poet of his period, Pieter Cornelis Boutens (1870-1943). This set also contains his extensive collected translations into Dutch: works by Sappho, Homer, Aeschylus, Sophocles, Plato, Omar Khayyam, Lovize Labé, Goethe, Novalis, D.G. Rossetti, Oscar Wilde, Alfred Douglas and others.
This is the most deluxe version, issued in 25 or 30 copies only, one of 120 Roman numbered copies on paper specially made for this deluxe edition, watermarked ‘P.C. Boutens’ (most of the 120 were bound in vellum-backed blue boards, some issued in paper wrappers). The volumes have been numbered dissimilarly, between III and XXI. With a prospect. Eye-catching series in robust, splendid bindings.


26633919. BRESLAUER a.o. (COLLECTION), Martin Catalog I. Seltene und wertvolle Bücher des XV., XVI. und XVII. Jahrhunderts. & 11 other early antiquarian booksellers’ catalogues. Bound together in plain cloth-backed boards with title tickets. Most covers have been bound in. Illustrated. Some wear, but (almost) no inscriptions.
* 12 German antiquarian booksellers’ sales catalogues (no auctions!). Breslauer & Meyer Catalog Nr. 1 (1898); Von Zaehn & Jensch Cat. 221 (1909); Hugo Helbing Cat. 53; Trübner Cat. 65 (1895); Paul Graupe Cat. 68 & 71; Max Perl Cat. 90 (1911), 91 & 93; A. Weigel Cat. 74 (1904) & 104; J. Halle 41, from about 1895-1930. Offering old and newer books, from manuscripts and incunables through 18th cent. luxury bindings to modern literature, with special objects like books bound in human skin, hairlocks of famous people (Goethe!), a Flemish manuscript of 10.000 (pre-1914) Reichsmarks, a collection of dances of death and many other subjects. Rare and interesting collection.

26916120. CARROLL, Lewis Hints for etiquette, or, Dining out made easy. Banholt, Bonnefant Press, 1990. 15 x 11 cm. Original wrappers. 16 p. Printed in red and black on Perusia paper in 36 numbered copies. Fine condition.
* Humorous deportment exhortations printed for the 12 1/2 annual of the Bonnefant Press. With a printed invitation for the festivities (in Dutch).


21. CHUBB, Ralph A Fable of Love and War. A Romantic Poem. Designed and Decorated with Woodcuts by the Author. Curridge, R.N. Chubb, 1925. Original cloth-backed boards with a title label. 44 p. With 3 woodcuts. Paper with deckle edges. Printed in 200 numbered copies, signed with the author’s initials. 1st edition. A few foxing spots.
€ 395
* Numbered and signed with Chubb’s initials. Long poem (636 lines) by Ralph Chubb, illustrated by himself, about the question of carnal love between a mighty warrior, a sixteen-year old boy and a girl. Printed on the press built from an old carpenter’s workbench and some crude pieces of wood by Chubb and his brother Lawrence (and that shows, in irregular inking and printing). The first part of the edition was sewn in printed wrappers. This is one of the copies that were bound at a later date.

26838222. CICERO Vom Maß des Lebens. Aus ‘Cato der Ältere über das Greisenalter’. (With 3 original etchings by Auréelie Nemours. Neu-Isenburg, Edition Tiessen, 1991. 30 x 21 cm. Original illustrated wrappers with original plastic covering. 20 p. Handset from the Original-Janson-Antiqua and printed on handmade paper Vélin d’Arches in 135 numbered and 26 marked A-Z. 1st edition. Like new.
* Nr. 39 of 45 copies of the deluxe edition with an additional set of the three etchings plus two etchings not present in the book, all 5 signed by the artist. Signed in the colophon by Aurélie Nemours (1910-2005). Edition Tiessen 63.

26697323. (COHEN, Fré). VONDEL, Joost van den Inwying der Doorluchtige Schoole t’Amsterdam. Amsterdam, Stadsdrukkerij, 1932. 29 x 21 cm. Printed portfolio with two folded leaves of stiff paper (8 p.). Printed in red, blue and black. 1st edition. Portfolio slightly discolored.
* A poem printed for the commemoration of the 300th birthday of the University of Amsterdam 1632-1932, designed by Fré Cohen. Van Dam/ Van Praag 483.

26639824. (COHEN, Fré) Tag der Freude. Festschrift zum internationalen sozialistischen Jugendtag, Pfingsten 1926 in Amsterdam. (&) Hoogtij. Feestgave Internationaal Sosialisties jeugdfeest Pinksteren 1926 te Amsterdam. Amsterdam, Naamlooze Vennootschap Drukkerij ‘Vooruitgang’, 1926. Both books: Original wrappers. 56 p. With linocuts by Fré Cohen and 16 photographs of Amsterdam on art paper. In one of the books a tiny map of Amsterdam was inserted. 1st edition. Spine slightly worn, cover a bit foxed.
* Hoogtij. Feestgave Internationaal Sosialisties jeugdfeest Pinksteren 1926 te Amsterdam (‘Heyday. Festival Gift International Socialist Youth Celebration, Whitsun 1926, Amsterdam’) and its translation into German. Attractive almost uniform design by Fré Cohen, with 14 linocuts: 7 vignettes and 7 full-page. The wrappers were also linocut by Fré Cohen – upper and lower cover, printed in red and black. It’s interesting to compare the German with the Dutch book: the poems by S. Bonn, Marie W. Vos and Jan W. Jacobs were not translated, but substituted by texts from Hermann Claudius and a short article about Alkmaar (with extra vignette by Cohen). And naturally, the text in Dutch in the linocuts had to be replaced by Cohen with German words.
Tag der Freude has been signed by Irene Vorrink, the wife of Koos Vorrink, who was the champion of the Dutch Socialist Youth movement. Van Dam/ Van Praag 114.

26713825. (COHEN, Fré) Verslag van de gasfabrieken te Amsterdam, over het jaar 1928. Amsterdam, Stadsdrukkerij, [1929]. Original wrappers. 70 p. Illustrated. 1st edition. Cover a bit browned and with owner’s name in pencil.
* The Amsterdam municipal gasworks’ 1928 year account with inventive typographical cover design by Fré Cohen, printed in red and black on buff paper. Van Dam/ Van Praag 434.

26817526. CROWLEY, Aleister Dédicace. [Amsterdam], Sub Signo Libelli, 1982. 11 x 9 cm. Original decorated wrappers. (2), 14 p. Set by hand from Palatino and printed in red, blue and black in 76 numbered copies. Fine.
* One of 70 copies on Magnani paper. Four erotic poems about sundry perversions (in English) by the famous satanist published by foremost Dutch bibliophile printer Ger Kleis. Exquisite typography. Breugelmans 79.

27. CROZIER, Andrew, & Ian TYSON Utamaro Variations. A Suite of Four Poems with Woodcuts by Andrew Crozier. London, Tetrad Press, 1980. 26 x 20 cm. Original wrappers with transparent cover. 16 p. Printed in 60 numbered copies, signed by author and artist. 1st edition. Like new.
* With an extra set of the woodcuts on Japanese paper, all signed by Tyson. This is nr. 18/60. The Tetrad Press was Tyson’s own.

25939528. (DELUXE). GUÉRIN, Maurice de Le Centaure – La Bacchante. Préface de Charles Maurras. Illustrations de Adolphe Giraldon. Paris, Plon Nourrit & Cie., 1925. Richly gilt dark green full morocco with subtle inlays of slightly darker green. Original wrappers and backstrip bound in. With a slipcase. Double flyleaves, the first pair in silk with an ornament in triple gilt borders, the second in gold and green cloudy paper. Top gilt. Illustrations cut in wood by Rita Dreyfus after designs by Adolphe Giraldon. The text has been typeset in the Giraldon of Deberny-Peignot, a type designed by Giraldon in 1900. Printed in 331 numbered copies. Slipcase a bit worn, spine just a trifle discolored.
* A majestic book: the most important prose poems of De Guérin (1810-1839), one of 30 copies on Imperial Japanese paper with a double suite of all impression elements of the illustrations and vignettes on Japanese paper and on Chine (India paper). Deluxe binding, signed ‘Flammarion’.


263896-129. (DELUXE). ROLLAND, Romain Goethe et Beethoven. Édition originale. Paris, Éditions du Sablier, 1930. Gilt morocco hardcover with marbled flyleaves and gilt dentelles (Zaehnsdorf for Asprey). Original wrappers bound in. 284, (28) p. Illustrated. Printed in 1400 numbered copies. 1st edition. Two little dents at the foot, the original wrappers a bit spotted, otherwise fine.
* This is one of 40 copies on Japanese paper with a suite on Chine, signed by the author. A luxuriously bound copy of the first edition of this famous essay, signed by Nobel Prize winner Romain Rolland!

26336930. DICKENS, Charles Our Mutual Friend. With Illustrations by Marcus Stone. In Two Volumes. Londen, Chapman & Hall, 1865. 2 volumes. (14), 322; (10), 310 p. Gilt and polished full gilt calf with two black title labels each. Marbled edges and matching marbled endpapers. 1st edition in book form. Slight wear at the edges of the spine. The delicate calf has some slight wear on the edges, but it is still lustrous.
* With both halftitles and titles, and with the slip explaining the title of the book. Without the advertisements at the end. A splendid Dickens First.

31. (DISCOVERY OF AMERICA). RAFN, Carl Christian Narichten betreffende de ontdekking van Amerika in de tiende euw. Naar het Deensche van Carel Cristiaan Rafn. Door Montanus Hettema. Leeuwarden, L. Schierbeek, 1838. Original typographic wrappers. 36, 4 pp. Uncut. 1st edition. Some old inscriptions. Small library stamp with inscription ‘removed as a doublet’. Some creasing, but in very good condition.
* Rare early translation from the Danish into Dutch of the notes about the discovery of Vinland, or America by Norse seafarers in the 10th century. At the end a folded leaf (4 p.) has been bound in with a prospect for Rafn’s book Antiquitates Americanae (1837). With owner’s blindstamps and six pages of handwritten notes (in Dutch) by Jacob Dirks (1811-1892), a Frisian politician and lawyer interested in Nordic history.


32. DOUGLAS, Lady Alfred (Olive CUSTANCE) I desire the moon. The diary of Lady Alfred Douglas (Olive Custance) 1905-1910. Introduced and annotated by Caspar Wintermans. Woubrugge, The Avalon Press, 2004. 27 x 16 cm. Original gilt vellum-backed boards with slipcase (in black silverpoint paper). 124 p. Illustrated. Printed on Simili Japon paper in 195 copies. 1st edition. Fine.
€ 240
* One of 15 specially bound deluxe copies. Amusing diary from 1905-1910 of Lord Alfred Douglas’s wife Olive, full of interesting literary details (about Oscar Wilde, naturally, but also about Lord Berners, Wilfrid Blunt, Winston Churchill, the extensive Douglas family, Robert Ross, G.S. Street, the Tennant family, Reginald Turner and many, many others). A beautiful, privately printed book, with scholarly (but very readable) notes by Alfred Douglas biographer Wintermans.

26900933. DOUGLAS, Norman Capri. Materials for a Description of The Island. (Signed edition). Florence, G. Orioli, 1930. 26 x 19 cm. Cloth-backed boards. xvi, 368 p. Uncut. Illustrated. Printed in 525 numbered copies, all signed by the author. 1st edition. Some wear, browning and bleachig of the binding.
* Very informative book about Capri in the early 20th century in the sharp and precise style of Norman Douglas. A heavy book that is rarely found in good condition.

26868734. DOUGLAS, Norman Looking Back. An Autobiographical Excursion. London, Chatto & Windus, 1933. Two volumes. Buckram-backed patterned boards with dust jackets. xii, 272; (260) p. Uncut. Tops gilt. Printed in 535 sets, all numbered and signed. 1st edition. Spines of the DJs and flyleaves a bit discolored.
€ 240
* Exquisite, extensive and attractive autobiography – with a mischievous smile.

35. DUMAS jr., Alexandre Handwritten letter to ‘Mon cher ami’. Blue vergé paper. 20 x 13 cm. 4 p. With printed address ’98, Avenue de Villiers’. Written on the first two pages only. Signed, not dated. 20 lines of text. Twice folded.
€ 150
* Dumas asks his unknown correspondent for information about the amount his publisher Hachette is going to pay extra to the authors.

36. DUMAS jr., Alexandre Handwritten letter to ‘Monsieur [Auguste, Costumier du Théâtre Français]’. Thin paper, watermarked with a crown. 20 x 12 cm. Folded as an envelope (oblong 5 x 12 cm) with written address and sealed. Recto only. Signed ‘Alexandre Dumas fils/ 19 rue blanche’ and dated ’12 fevrier 1838′. 11 lines of text. Damaged where the sealing wax has been removed.
* Amusing letter about hiring a costume for the Carnaval de Paris by the junior Alexandre Dumas, who at the time was a boy of only 13 years old. He isn’t allowed to go out, so he has to send a letter and ask the costumier of the Théâtre Français, with whom his father had connections, to make a fancy dress costume for him. Possibly an African costume, but preferably one after the costume of Piquillo, the protagonist of the opera of the same name by Hippolyte Monpou. The libretto was written by Alexandre Dumas père. It premiered in 1837.
Auguste Jules Robert, better known as ‘Monsieur Auguste’ (1789-1850), was a painter and owner of a large collection of oriental costumes.

26790037. ECKERT, Harald Harald Eckert geb. 1.VIII.1903. gefallen am 22.I.1942. No place, self published, no date (1942?). 25 x 18 cm. Boards in botanical Japanese paper. 47 leaves printed in diazotype (Ozalid). Text on recto only. With 3 original photographs of the author (one a photo of a painting). Binding a bit yellowed.
€ 85
* Probably printed privately, and clandestinely, in Germany by the relatives of the author, a lawyer who fought in the war and died in Ukraine. Contains poems and fragments of letters about fighting at the front. In his letters Eckert mentions three authors, Ernst Jünger and his brother Friedrich Georg, and Stefan George. One receives an interesting view of an intelligent soldier’s thoughts while fighting for his Nazi country. A later book, titled Aus Briefen an seine Frau und an die Freunde. Gedichte was privately published in München (1943). Printed in blueprint (blue on grey) in reproduction of a handwriting reminiscent of Stefan George’s. Not in Worldcat.

26520038. (EGYPTIAN HUMOR). SEYPPEL, C.M. Schlau, schläuer, am schläusten. Aegyptische Humoreske. Niedergeschrieben und abgemalt 1315 Jahre vor Christi Geburt von C.M. Seyppel. Hofmaler und Poet seiner Majestät des Königs Rhampsinit III. Memphis, Mumienstrasse No. 35, 3. Etage, 4 x Klingeln. Düsseldorf, Felix Bagel/ Mumiendruck F. Rangette & Söhne, (1882). Original illustrated cloth-backed boards. (4), (2), 40 p. 1st edition. Fully illustrated like a comic strip book. Spine a bit worn at the foot, but the covers are in unusually excellent condition, binding inside restored (probably ages ago) with strips of grey paper.
€ 120
* Those funny Pharaos with their preposterous Pyramids! This book purports to be an original grave find by some Scottish archeologists in Gizeh, 1882, after being buried for 3000 years in the sands of Egypt. It has been printed on thick drab paper resembling papyrus (covered between beautifully lithographed stiff covers) and tells a romantic story about a fictitious pharao of the 20th dynasty, inspired by Herodotus’s story about the Masterthief. The very first ‘Mummy printed’ romantic novelette, in fact an early comic book. Dedicated in print to Wilhelm Schliemann in a 4-p. introduction.

26905139. (EGYPTIAN HUMOR). SEYPPEL, C.M. Er Sie Es. IIte Aegyptische Humoreske. Nach der Natur abgemalt und niedergeschrieben 1302 Jahre vor Christi Geburt von C.M. Seyppel. Hofmaler und Poët der seligen Majestät König Rhampsinit III. Memphis, Pÿramidenstrasse No. 36, Ite Etage. Meldung beim Portier. Düsseldorf, Felix Bagel/ Mumiendruck F. Rangette & Söhne, [1883]. Original illustrated rough cloth with a coin-like seal, leather ribbon and string. (2), 42 (4) p. Fully illustrated like a comic strip book. With the 4-p. introduction loosely inserted (usually missing), containing a humorous and praiseful letter by egyptologist and novelist Georg Ebers, to whom the book has been dedicated. 1st edition. Artificially aged, but in fine condition as such, not worn by use as is often the case with the Mumiendrucke. A second section of the first four pages has been bound in at the end – inadvertently. The book is fully complete. Bookplate of the Dutch Jewish entomologist Dr. E.A.M. Speijer (1904-1999) and a 19th century bookseller’s mark of Hugo Suringar.
* The second ‘mummy printed’ playful story about a fictitious pharao and a Grand Theft. An amusing German book if there ever was one!

26887040. ESCHER, M.C., a.o. Halcyon. Driemaandelijksch Tijdschrift voor Boek- Druk- en Prentkunst. (Complete). [Maastricht], A.A.M. Stols, 1940-1942. Nos. 1-12. Complete with all contributions and additions (with some extras: this set is more than complete!). 34 x 27 cm. Bookplates of Mr. Dick Zijlstra (= the Dutch poet Eric van der Steen). Portfolios a bit worn and strengthened with paper, inside fine.
* Halcyon is generally considered ‘the most beautiful typographic magazine ever made in the Netherlands’, which is absolutely true. Stols used numerous fine quality papers in various formats from several first-class printers. There are contributions by a.o. J. Barcham Green, Menno ter Braak, G.H. ‘s-Gravesande (about M.C. Escher), S.H. de Roos and original prints by a.o. John Buckland Wright and M.C. Escher. Complete sets of this quarterly magazine are rarely offered.


1303141. ESCHER, M.C. Regelmatige vlakverdeling. Utrecht, Stichting De Roos, 1958. 35 x 26 cm. Original cloth-backed boards with a graphic design by Escher. 52 p. With six full-page woodcuts by M.C. Escher and with an extra series of the woodcuts in red. Printed in black, red and grey in 175 numbered copies. 1st edition.
* ‘Regular division of the plane’. A large format bibliophile edition with original woodcuts. Locher 416-421. Leeflang 45.

26890542. EWERS, Hanns Heinz Die verkaufte Grossmutter. Ein deutsches Märchenbuch. München, Georg Müller, 1923. Original cloth. 232 p. With 12 illustrations by Paul Haase. 6th-10th thousand. Binding a bit soiled and worn.
* With Jugendstil bookplate of Ewers, designed by Paul Horst-Schulze. On his bookplate Ewers penned a signed note, dated 1933. Collection of 15 fairy tales and grotesque children’s adventures, an extension of Ewers’s 1903 edition published under the same title, with new illustrations.


20534743. GOETHE, J.W. von Einige Reimsprüche mit Bildern in Holz geschnitten von R. Riege. Weimar, Self-published, 1926. 29 x 22 cm. Cloth-backed decorated boards with a string. 24 p. Uncut. Printed on rough, heavy, tinted handmade paper. Text and satirical pictures all cut in wood by Rudolf Riege. 1st edition. Cover very slightly soiled.
€ 85
* With a signed dedication by the poet Johannes Schlaf to his young friend, the author Ludwig Bäte: ‘dieses köstlich originelle/ malerische Opusculum/ herzlichst zugeeignet/ Weimar, April 1926.’ Probably manufactured by the woodcutter himself in a small number of copies.


44. GOETHE, J.W. von Goethe’s Iphigeneia in Tauris. In Nederlandsche verzen overgezet door P.C. Boutens. [Den Haag, self published], (1911). Original longstitch paper binding. (2), 92 p. Set from the Caslon and printed in red and black on Pannekoek by Ed. Verbeke in Bruges in 50 copies. Second edition, but first in this form. Spine browned, some foxing, but in good order. Heraldic bookplate (with a unicorn and three stingrays) on the inside upper cover (‘D.P.M. Graswinckel Nemo Ignavia factu immortalis’, No cowardice has been made immortal).
* Signed by the translator on the first flyleaf and dated by him ‘Sept. 1911’. From a series of self-published translations, all printed elegantly in tiny print runs, by Pieter Cornelis Boutens (1870-1943), one of the foremost Dutch poets and translators of his age. Rijkse 2.28.

45. GOETHE, J.W. von Sonette. Maastricht, Nypels, 1926. Original printed grey wrappers with gilt vignette. 40 p. Set from the Grotius and printed in red and black on Ossekop mould-made paper in 120 numbered copies. Backstrip a bit browned.
€ 90
* Fine modernist art deco book. With large original publisher’s prospect containing a short essay about Nypels by K. Kloss (not mentioned in the bibliographies). Van Laar 24.

46. GOETHE, J.W. von Trilogie der Leidenschaft. (With extensive dedication by Charles Nypels). Maastricht, (Charles Nypels), 1927. Original grey Ingres printed wrappers with vignette in gold. 32 p. Set from the Grotius of S.H. de Roos in red and black on Ossekop paper in 120 copies. Cover partly very lightly discolored.
* This copy has been printed for the Swiss-Dutch surgeon, poet and large scale collector of Italian art Otto Lanz (1865-1935). Nypels issued two of his books: Amors Rache (1927) and Xenien (1934). With an 11-line inscription by Charles Nypels, signed and dated ‘Mstr. 20 October 1927’. Fine art deco typography. Van Laar 42.

47. GOETHE, J.W. von West-östlicher Divan. (Halcyon). Maastricht, A.A.M. Stols, 1929 (= 1930). Vellum-backed boards. (6), 230 p. With copper-engraved portrait by Th. Levigne. Printed in red, blue and black in 125 numbered copies on Pannekoek paper. Some vague little stains on the paper.
* This beautiful, massive book is usually bound in green cloth and some copies have deluxe bindings by Malcorps. This is a superb private binding, but adorned with the original vignette John Buckland Wright cut in wood for the Halcyon series, one of the first works he did for Stols. Van Dijk 178.


dsc00185-kopie48. GOETHE, Johann Wolfgang von Die Leiden des jungen Werthers. Kupferstiche von J. Buckland Wright. Maastricht, Die Halcyon Presse, 1931. Original richly gilt full morocco, signed Louis Malcorps, with a vignette (on upper and lower cover) by John Buckland Wright. 258 p. Top gilt. With 12 copper engravings by John Buckland Wright (all signed). Handset from J. van Krimpen’s Romanée and printed in 140 numbered copies. Colophon signed by the publisher, A.A.M. Stols. Spine very slightly discolored, a little wear on the ribs, tiny brown stains on lower cover. Cigar odor.
* Although 125 copies on Pannekoek + 15 deluxe copies on Japanese have been printed, according to Van Dijk (p. 134) only 56 sets of copper engravings were issued, 16 on Japanese paper and 40 on wove Pannekoek paper. Because the copies on Japanese paper each contained an extra set of engravings on Pannekoek, only 25 of the ‘ordinary’ copies were issued with the copper engravings. Halcyon 4. Van Dijk 241. Reid A3c.

49. GOETHE, Johann Wolfgang von A Letter of December 25th 1787 from the Italienische Reise of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. (Illustrated by Rigby Graham). (Leicester), Pandora Press, 1966. Original wrappers. 12 p. With three drawings by Graham (and a nice publisher’s vignette). Printed in 50 copies. Edges a little creased.
* Translated by W.H. Auden and Elizabeth Mayer. Christmas gift of Patricia Green, Toni Savage and Rigby Graham.


269033goll50. GOLL, Claire & Ivan Poèmes de jalousie. Avec une eau-forte originale de Foujita. (&) Poèmes de la vie et de la mort. Avec deux radiographies. Paris, Jean Budry & Cie, 1926 (&) 1927. 26 x 19 cm. Original wrappers with crystal paper. 48 (&) 48 p. Original etching (portrait of the two authors) and two vignettes by Foujita. / Radiographic pictures (Röntgen photos) of Ivan and Claire Goll as a frontispice (!). Printed in 333 resp. 360 copies. The first book unnumbered, the second is numbered 52. 1st editions. A bit browned, some traces of use, a few dents in the backside of Poèmes de jalousie.
2 x € 695
* Two books of dialogues in verse, delightful poems with surprising illustrations. Both with a contemporary handwritten dedication to Willy Haas, signed by Ivan & Claire Goll with their names intertwined! Willy Haas (1891-1953) was a German writer and film critic, a friend of Kafka. He founded the magazine Die literarische Welt, where Ivan Goll published stories and poems.

51. HANLEY, James Resurrexit Dominus. (No place, privately printed), 1934. Vellum with leather title label (chipped at the top). Top edge gilt. Uncut. Title in red and black. Printed on English handmade paper (watermark St. Christopher) in 99 copies, numbered and signed by the author, for issue to subscribers only (plus 11 for representation). 1st edition. Slight reading slant.
* A stern and sturdy book. Bitter tale about an Irish country girl seduced by a devious priest. Both die in a most dramatic and unexpected way.

52. HEANEY, Seamus Christmas Eve. No place, self-published, [1978]. Sheet of cream laid paper, folded and printed in brown. 4 p. Fine copy.
* Printed for Heaney to use as a Christmas wish, this tiny publication consists only of one untitled and unsigned poem, ‘The bare bulb, a scatter of nails…’.

53. HEANEY, Seamus Crediting Poetry. Loughcrew (Ireland), The Gallery Press, 1996. Original card covers with brown flyleaves. 32 p. Second edition.
€ 275
* With a subtle dedication by Heaney to his fellow poet, Remco Campert ‘who credits it and is a credit to it’ dated ‘5 May 1996/ on the disappointed bridge/ in Dublin’ (referring to James Joyce).

54. HEANEY, Seamus The Golden Bough. With Screenprints by Jan Hendrix. (Postscript by the author). Banholt/ Mexico City, Bonnefant Press/ Imprenta de los Tropicos, 1992. 37 x 25 cm. Original leather-backed black boards blocked with a design of Hendrix (Eenhoorn Binderij). With paper slipcase. (2), 38 p. Handset from 16 pt Bembo and printed on Lanaquarelle paper in 53 numbered copies (of which 3 ‘ad personam’). With 5 double-page screenprints on a background of gold leaf, made by the artist in his Mexico City studio. In English and Latin. 1st edition. Fine copy.
* Signed by Heaney and Hendrix under the colophon. This is one of 45 copies in half leather (there were 8 copies bound in full leather). A most important book, the translation from the 6th book of Virgil’s Aeneid, and a very impressive and beautiful bibliophile book in perfect form and condition. With a prospect.

26584055. HIRSCHFELD, Magnus Jahrbuch für sexuelle Zwischenstufen mit besonderer Berücksichtigung der Homosexualität. Herausgegeben unter Mitwirkung namhafter Autoren im Namen des wissenschaftlich-humanitären Komitees. Vol. II. Leipzig, Max Spohr, 1900. Original gilt cloth. (8), 488 p. 2 illustrations. 1st edition. Old orange library ticket on spine. Rubber stamp from the ‘Stiftung Schrenck-Notzing’. Otherwise in fine condition.
* Vol. 2 of the Annual for Sexual Intermediates. Contributions by Albert Moll about treatment of homosexuals, Gustav Jäger reproducing (anonymously) the testimony of Karl Maria Kertbeny, Ferdinand Karsch about homosexuality in animals, Franz von Neugebauer about hermaphrodisy and Belgian author Georges Eekhoud about the sculptor Jérôme Duquesnoy. Albert Freiherr von Schrenck-Notzing (1862-1929) was a physician and psychiatrist interested in paranormality and homosexuality.


25908456. HIRSCHFELD, Magnus Sittengeschichte des Weltkrieges. Leipzig-Wien, Verlag für Sexualwissenschaft Schneider & Co., (1930). Vol. 1. Original cloth with dust jacket. XX, 416 p. Richly illustrated. With the 48-p. Ergänzungsheft, cover a bit damaged. 1st edition. DJ stained (coffee?). Binding rather worn, damaged and warped.
* Poor copy, but with 3-line author’s dedication: ‘s.l. Dr. Günter Tessmann,/ der hochverdienter Erforscher/ der Seelen u. Sitten der Völker/ vom Herausgeber/ Dr. Magnus Hirschfeld’. And with a dedication by Tessmann to Felix Bryk, the Swedish anthropologist and entomologist. The ‘Complement booklet’ contains the pictures that were considered too risky.

57. HUYSMANS, J.K. En ménage. Illustrations de Em. Jodelet. Paris, Henri Jonquières, 1923. Richly gilt morocco-backed marbled boards. Original wrappers and backstrip bound in. (4), 338 p. Top gilt. Frontispice colored en pochoir. Some tiny imperfections.
* Attractive deluxe binding in light brown, spine with four ribs richly gilt, with festive orange and light blue marbled endpapers, all in the best classical style. Psychological novel by Huysmans, first published in 1881.

Naturally, we have extensive descriptions of our incunables. However, the scope would be too large for this short catalogue. If you want, we send you the descriptions, and you may find them also on our website, in this page:

26786458. (INCUNABLE). AQUINAS, Thomas Super tertio libro sententiarum Petri Lombardi. (&) Super quarto libro Sententiarum Petri Lombardi. Venice, Hermannus Liechtenstein, 26 Apr. 1490 & Venice, Bonetus Locatellus, for Octavianus Scotus, 23 May 1497. 2 volumes in one binding. 34 x 22 cm. Fine gothic binding, spine renewed. I. Three large painted initials, two in red and one in red, blue and violet. With several 7-line red initials and many lombards, alternately red and blue. II. Full of decorated woodcut initials, two large ones at the beginning of the text.

59. (INCUNABLE). CICERO, Marcus Tullius Tusculanae disputationes. Venice, [Antonius de Strata], December 5, 1491. 29 x 21 cm. 20th-century vellum-backed boards. With one handwritten guide letter, no initials or rubrication.

60. (INCUNABLE). EUSEBIUS De evangelica praeparatione. Venice, [Bartholomaeus de Zanis], 10 November 1500. 31 x 20 cm. Modern vellum, last blank missing. Bookplate of the Bibliotheca Philosophica Hermetica. With large and small woodcut initials, of which the first has been colored.
€ 5500

61. (INCUNABLE). FERRARIENSIS, Johannes De Coelesti vita. Venice, Matteo Capcasa (di Codeca), per Hieronymus Blondus, 19 December, 1494. 30 x 22 cm. Bound in morocco-backed boards around 1800-1850. Bookplate of Thomas South and of the Bibliotheca Philosophica Hermetica. Title printed in red, with printer’s mark and decorated woodcut initials.
€ 5450

62. (INCUNABLE). MARCHESINUS, Johannes Mamotrectus super bibliam. Venice, Simon Bevilaqua, 12 July 1492. 16 x 12 cm. Old vellum with written spine title. Title page (with just the word ‘Mamotrectus’) in photocopy.

63. (INCUNABLE). PSEUDO-BONAVENTURA Meditationes vitae Christi, (or in full:) Meditationes devotissime totius vite domini nostri Jesu Christi. Venice, Manfredus de Bonellis, de Monteferrato, December 14, 1497. 15 x 10 cm. Overlapping vellum. Title page with a woodcut of the Pietà on recto and one of the Crucifixion on verso. One 5-line woodcut capital and numerous 2-line capitals. Large bookplate of Manfred Mehl, elegant bookplate of the Bibliotheca Philosophica Hermetica.

26753264. (INCUNABLE). SENECA, Lucius Annaeus Opera philosophica. Epistolae. Venice, Bernardinus de Choris, de Cremona and Simon the Luere, 1490. 33 x 23 cm. 19th-century vellum-backed. Capital spaces with guide letters.

65. (INCUNABLE). SENECA, Lucius Annaeus Opera philosophica. Epistolae. [Venice, Johannes & Gregorius de Gregoriis, de Forlivio, about 1492]. 31 x 21 cm. 18th century vellum with seven ribs. Capital spaces with guide letters.

66. (INCUNABLE). SILIUS ITALICUS Punica. Cum commentariis Petri Marsi. Venice, Bonetus Locatellus for Octavianus Scotus, May 18, 1492. 31 x 20 cm. Flexible vellum, probably from the 17th century.



jozef-israels67. (ISRAËLS, Jozef). DAKE, Carel L. Jozef Israëls. Amsterdam, C.L.G. Veldt, [1910]. 32 x 25 cm. Original gilt and decorated vellum. 82 p. Printed in dark red and black. Richly illustrated. 1st edition.
€ 950
* One of 50 deluxe copies, numbered and signed by the artist, bound in vellum with gold lettering and a picture of a drawing by Jozef Israëls (1824-1911). This is nr. 3, the copy of the publisher.
Added: Original pen drawing by Israëls, that was reproduced on the upper cover of the book. Signed by Jozef Israëls. Under his drawing, the painter wrote ‘Wel. Heer Veldt/ Hiernevens een kleine krabbel/ van iets dat niet dikwijls voorkomt/ en naar mijn weten nog niet gereproduceerd/ is./ Uw dw dr Jozef Israëls’. Ca. 17 x 11 cm. Framed behind glass.
And: Proof of the binding (without contents), dark red and green cloth, in slightly larger size. Two trials, one at the upper and one at the lower cover.


ulysses collage68. JOYCE, James Ulysses. Paris, Shakespeare & Company, 1922. 26 x 21 cm. Rebound in a heavy black cloth binding with gilt spine title. Original upper cover preserved. (10), 736 p. ‘Printed for Sylvia Beach by Maurice Darantiere at Dijon, France’ in 1000 numbered copies. 1st edition. Corners bumped, boards a bit slanted. Bookplate. Slightly trimmed for binding. Some browning and little traces of reading.
* One of 150 numbered copies on Arches paper. Nice modernist bookplate of Léon Gillain (1910-1977), an engineer, with a photo of a bookcase. Gillain’s modest signature in pencil on the title page. This is an unusual copy: one sheet has been included twice in the binding: p. 1/2 and 7/8 (no pages missing)! Slocum A17.

26151769. KEATS, John Isabella, or the Pot of Basil. Illustrated and decorated by W. B. Macdougall. London, Kegan Paul, Trench, Trübner and Co., 1898. 26 x 20 cm. Original richly gilt buckram. (56) p. Uncut. Some full page drawings. All pages with heavy black borders, fully decorated in art nouveau. Title page in red and black. 1st edition. Binding slightly worn, cloth bursting along the spine. Some offsetting and foxing. Inserted is a loose leaf with a gift inscription, dated 1898 (E.M.F. from E.D.S.).
* Important early art nouveau book, one of the few illustrated by Scottish artist William Brown Macdougall (1868-1935).

70. (KICKSHAWS). CROMBIE, John, & Sheila BOURNE All Things Being Equal. Paris, Kickshaws, 2008. 17 x 18 cm. Original blue illustrated wrappers. 36 p. Vignettical illustrations in many colors with text by Crombie. Printed in 26 lettered copies. 1st edition. Fine copy.
* Funny vignettes coupled with deepish texts.

26891371. (KICKSHAWS). CROMBIE, John Many Thanks! A Book of Acknowledgements to some of many without whom this book might never have been printed, and to most of the few despite whom it has been. Paris, Kickshaws, 2005. 19 x 15 cm. Original folding wrappers. (20) p. With colorful typographic illustrations by the author. Designed and written by Crombie, handset in Françaises Légères, and printed on Kickshaws’ vintage Deberny & Peignot treadle press in 70 numbered copies. 1st edition.
* A long and humorous list of thanks and unthanks to visitors, contributors and inmates of the Kickshaws printing establishment with delightful illustrations, built up from letters and art-nouveau ornaments.

26887672. (KICKSHAWS). CROMBIE, John [Untitled book. New edition.] [Paris, Kickshaws, 1992]. Landscape format 16,5 x 26 cm. Original decorated wrappers. [24] p. Printed in 160 copies (this one unnumbered). Revised edition. A bit soiled.
* Book built from a shrinking ‘heap of type’, a pie of letters lessening in size towards the end, erupting readable text (I did not say ‘understandable’). An adaptation of the first edition of this untitled book, that’s hard to describe, but see nrs. 11 and 73 in the Kickshaws bibliography of Minotaurus.


26908673. KORNMANN, Heinrich De virginitatis iure tractatus novus et iucundus. Ex iure civili, canonico patribus, historicis, poeticis & c. confectus. (&) Linea amoris sive commentarius in versiculum gl. visus, colloquium, convictus, oscula, factum. Virginopoli, no publisher mentioned, 1631. 11 x 6 cm. Vellum. (2), 300; (2), 233 [=133], (19) p. Woodcut publisher’s mark on title (a rooster with two heads). Reprint edition. Binding restored with newer vellum threads. Paper a bit worn at the sides and browned. Some bibliographical notes in pencil on inside upper cover.
€ 350
* ‘New and joyful treatise about the right of virginity. Made up from the civil, canonic, historical, poetical laws (and more).’ Popular book by the eminent lawyer Heinrich Kornmann (1580-1627), about women’s duties and rights in matters of love. With a second treatise of this author about the five levels of love, followed by an index. One of many, but rare, reprint editions.

Abecedarium74. KUYK, Harry van Groot Abecedarium. (With an introduction by Prof. G. W. Ovink). Bemmel/ Nijmegen, Harry van Kuyk, 1973. Three cloth clamshell boxes in a wooden chest (all made by Van der Heijden Bindery, 71 x 54 x 10 cm), with an inlaid bronze plaque by Oscar Goedhart. The boxes contain 26 uninked relief prints and five serigraphies, all numbered and signed by the artist, plus a title page, six text pages (‘Van voren af aan’, a prelude to the Groot Abecedarium by Prof. G.W. Ovink) and a colophon page. Printed in 60 numbered copies.
* Huge project of graphic artist Harry van Kuyk, that took three years of his life. This Abecedarium consists of the 26 letters of the alphabet, artistically translated into relief prints on very heavy paper, manufactured by the artist in his own studio on his embossing press called ‘Aldus Manutius’. Printed without ink, in their play of light and shadow the compositions are being seen to best advantage.
In the folder with the introduction by Ovink are five serigraphs, counterparts of five different letters.

26314076. (KUZMIN, Michail). BOCCACCIO, Giovanni Bokkachcho Fiametta. Saint Petersburg, M.G. Kornfeld, 1913. Original wrappers. (2), 216 p. Uncut. 1st edition. Damaged wrappers loose in two parts, repaired with paper and tape. Backstrip missing. Price sticker on rear. Title page loose.
€ 395
* Extremely rare translation into Russian of Boccaccio’s Fiammetta by the gay poet Michail Kuzmin, a protagonist of the Silver Age of Russian Poetry. Cover not in very good condition. Green wrappers with gold lettering and a coy little devil at the backside.

77. LA FONTAINE, Jean de Oeuvres de Monsieur de la Fontaine. Nouvelle édition. Anvers, Jacob & Henry Sauvage (i.e. Paris, Lancelot), 1726. 28 x 22 x 16 cm. 3 volumes. Full 18th-century calf with richly gilt spines, each with two title tickets. Beautiful engraved portrait by Cl. Duflos. Engravings and initials by Tardieu. All pages with fine frameworks.
* Fine set of this imposing edition of La Fontaine.

26812878. LAMPEDUSA, Giuseppe Tomasi Principe di De Sirene. (With 11 original etchings by Nicolaas Wijnberg). Utrecht, Stichting De Roos, 1974 [= 1975]. Bound in pink and green marbled French metal paper. 68 p. Typography Mart Kempers. Set from the Bembo and printed on Hahnemühle-Bütten in 175 numbered copies. Fine copy.
* This copy is not numbered, but signed under the colophon ‘N. Wijnberg H.S.’. Translated from the Italian into Dutch by J.C. Romein-Hütschler. Funny soft erotic etchings, a graceful little book with its softly gleaming metallic binding.


26883679. (LEONARD, Jos) Catalogus der tentoonstelling van Studio Novio in het Museum Plantin-Moretus te Antwerpen, gehouden van 3n tot 26n Maart 1928./ Studio Novio expose au Musée Plantin-Moretus à Anvers, du 3 au 26 mars 1928. Voici le catalogue. Antwerpen, Studio Novio, 1928. Original black wrappers with orange ticket (showing two abstracted figures shaking hands). 24 p. With vignettes and full page pictures. 1st edition. Staple rusted away, some pages a little bit yellowed, otherwise fine.
* Delightful cubist and art-deco designs by Jos Leonard in a delicate exhibition catalog. Studio Novio was the firm of designer Jos Leonard and printer Willy Godenne.

26883780. (LEONARD, Jos) L’Orient. (Trade catalog for Vanderborght Frères carpets). Antwerpen, Studio Novio, 1927. Black on silver covers with original unprinted thin paper wrappers. (8) p. Printed in silver and colors. 1st edition. Wrappers a bit worn, otherwise in perfect condition.
* Wonderful advertising book decorated by Jos Leonard with 3 illustrations printed in blue, red (2), silver and black.


81. (LOUŸS, Pierre). BAÏF, J.-A. de Poésies choisies suivies de poésies inédites. Publiées avec une notice sur la vie et les oeuvres de Baif, des appendices bibliographiques, des spécimens des étrennes et des chansonnettes, un tableau de la prononciation au XVIe siècle, des notes et des index par L. Becq de Fouquières. Paris, Charpentier et Cie., 1874. Morocco-backed marbled boards (signed Loisellier). Top gilt. Uncut. (40), 396 p. With engraved portrait. One of 75 deluxe copies on Dutch paper with the portrait on Chine. 1st edition. Bookplate of A.D. van Regteren Altena. Some foxing.
* Exemplaire de tête from the library of Pierre Louÿs, with his red rubber stamp.


26812382. LOVECRAFT, H.P. The Shadow Over Innsmouth. With wood engravings by Shinsuke Minegishi based on drawings by Hieronymus Bosch. Vancouver, Heavenly Monkey Press, 2005. 20 x 13 cm. Hand-bound copy with a double case. 150 p. Uncut. Printed in 200 numbered copies. Light inside crease of frontispice, otherwise fine.
* This is one of 25 Roman numbered copies, the so-called ICHTHYIC edition printed on Nideggen paper with proofs of the engravings on Gampi. An extraordinary book, a bibliophile homage to Lovecraft of the highest level. The illustrations were inspired by the paintings of Hieronymus Bosch. Remarkably original, delicate binding and casing in excellent condition. With original prospect, printed in two colors and adorned with a monster-rich wood engraving.
‘Ichthyic’ comes from the Greek word for fish, Ichthys. The ordinary edition of 175 copies was called ‘Batrachian’, from the Greek word for frog.

26815783. LÉVIS-MANO, Guy Trois typographes en avaient marre. Paris, Éditions GLM, 1935. 20 x 16 cm. Original wrappers. 32 p. (loose leaves as issued). Frontispice by Raymond Gid. Printed in 145 numbered copies (84/125). 1st edition. Lightly soiled.
* ‘Three Typographers Had Enough Of It’. A fantastic, playful typographical adventure, a legendary little book typographed by Guy Lévis-Mano. Apparently, this copy belonged to typography lover Marius Andin. In French.


84. MAARTENS, Maarten Harmen Pols. Peasant. London, Methuen, 1910. Richly gilt calf leather with marbled endpapers (Sotheran & Co.). (4), 324 p. Top gilt. 1st edition. Spine discolored, inconspicuous water stain on lower cover. Edges show some wear. Some foxing.
€ 140
* Charming presentation copy for the painter Thérèse van Duyl-Schwartze, consisting of the scriptural passage ‘S. Mat. X – 42.’! Dated ’22 -V-11 ‘and signed’ M. M.’ The Dutchman Josua van der Poorten Schwartz (1858-1915) wrote quite a few fairly successful novels in English under the pseudonym Maarten Maartens. He was a wealthy man and had a castle-like mansion built in Doorn, now called the Maarten Maartenshuis.

266898 85. MAGRE, Maurice La Nuit de Haschisch et d’Opium. Bois en couleurs de Ahü. Paris, Ernest Flammarion 1929. 24 x 18 cm. Original folding wrappers. (4), 80 p. Printed in 850 numbered copies. With 14 wood engravings by Ahü, of which 6 in colors (one on the cover), and 8 vignettes. 1st edition. Tiny signs of wear and very slight soiling on the white cover.
* This is one of 750 on vélin de Rives. Exquisite typographical production with wild woodengravings. Story playing in India.

86. MALLARMÉ, Stéphane L’après-midi d’un faune. Eglogue. Amsterdam, [A.A. Balkema], 1942. 15 x 9 cm. Original wrappers. (12) p. With a lithography by Melle Oldeboerrigter. Typography by J. van Krimpen. Set in 8-point Lutetia and printed in 50 copies by Joh. Enschedé en Zonen. Fine copy.
* A little gem of a book, set in a tiny roman and cursive of Van Krimpen, issued for the famous Vijf Ponden Pers, printed in secret under the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands. De Jong 531. Simoni M6.

vita-brevis-187. MAPPLETHORPE a.o., Robert Vita brevis ars longa. Rotterdam/ New York, Publishing House Bébert, 1984. 33 x 33 cm. Black cloth box printed in silver and black. Five original art works. 12 leaves of heavy Hahnemühle card stock with 4 protection leaves.
1. Original photograph by Gerald van der Kaap. 2. Original drawing by Peter Klashorst. 3. Silkscreen by Robert Longo. 4. Original photograph by Robert Mapplethorpe. 5. 12″ record with music by Bob Pieck. All contributions numbered and signed by the artists (only Klashorst’s drawing, being unique, has not been numbered), whereas Mapplethorpe’s photo (31.8 x 31.8 cm), ‘Black Jack’, was also signed by the model, Jack Walls (both signatures on the verso protecting sheet). Graphic design and idea by Pablo van Dijk. Printed in 75 numbered copies. 1st edition. Fine.
* The superb Mapplethorpe photo, a portrait of his iconic model Jack Walls, landed between Peter Klashorst’s rough ‘After Nature’ drawing and Longo’s colorful silkscreen photo. Curiously enough, several of the artists also may be heard on the musical record by Bob Pieck: Van der Kaap played the clarinet, Longo and Klashorst the guitar, and Walls and Klashorst were singing. Better known in the world of music are George Peckham, Rat Scabies, Warne Livesey and Rutger van Otterloo, all working together to make special pieces of music. A verily eclectic collection of modern artworks, all circling around Mapplethorpe’s Black Jack photo.


26343788. MARTIN, Don Typescript Letter Signed to Flemish poet Gust Gils, 1962. Bond typing paper. 27 x 18 cm. Recto only. With MAD heading in red and black and New York address. Dated ‘January 11, 1961′ (= 1962) and signed with a thick felt tip pen. 22 lines. With headed MAD envelope and cancel stamp with the face of MAD’s mascot Alfred E. Neuman, dated Jan 11, 1962. With carbon copy of the original letter by Gust Gils, dated ‘december 14th, 1961’.
* In a well-written, nice and personal letter, Gils asks Don Martin if he would give permission to print some of his drawings in a Flemish paper. He also asks for Martin’s portrait, but Don Martin politely declines. His work only appears in MAD and its editors insist he keeps the readers in the dark. ‘They’d be disillusioned to learn that I don’t have floppy feet and dangling arms. Actually, I’m thirty years old and look like a normal, clean-cut American male; whatever that may mean to you. Perhaps you’ve never thought of any Americans as normal or clean-cut.’ In his 27-line letter, Gust Gils describes himself as a poet of the post-war ‘avant-garde’, and adds a four-line poem translated into English by himself: ‘Someone climbs a pile of crates’… A funny ensemble!


25223889. (MENORCA) Certificate for the Dutch Steam Frigate Evertsen leaving the harbour of Port Mahon. With a printed map and extensive handwritten, signed and stamped declarations (dated March, 1861). Menorca, La Ilustre Junta Provincial de Sanidad de la Isla de Menorca, 1861. 42 x 30 cm. Recto a filled-out form with a 11 x 22 cm woodcut map of Maó (Port Mahon). Three handwritten declarations, signed and stamped at the unprinted verso. Folded. Slight wear at the edges.
* The steam frigate counted 51 cannon and 432 men under the command of Captain Martin C. van Vreeland. A large number of the men aboard in the summer of 1860 contracted a contagious eye disease while at anchor in the port of Toulon. In October, the frigate sailed to Port Mahon in Menorca to get it cleaned out and ‘fumed’ to remove the source of the disease, hoping the sailors would recover their health. This certificate was issued when the frigate left Port Mahon, five months later. The form at the obverse is signed by three officers of ‘La Ilustre Junta Provincial de Sanidad de la Isla de Menorca’. At the reverse a statement by the French Viceconsul B. Vales, by the British Consul Edmund Peel (‘We further certify that good health is enjoyed in this town and the adjacent country, without any suspicion of plague or contagious distemper whatsoever’), and by the Portuguese Consul Joao Flaguer. The protracted incapacity of the frigate and hands was to led to angry questions in the House of Representatives.
A fascinating historical document with a rare map of the port of Mahon.

90. MILLER, Henry The Theatre & Other Pieces. Stroker # 11. New York, Stroker, 1979. Stiff card covers (design Henry Miller) with bright red unprinted endpapers. 32 p. Illustrated. Printed in 500 copies. Very good copy.
* One of 100 copies numbered and signed by Miller. This issue has been dedicated to Miller and contains several illustrations and articles by Miller and about him (for instance: ‘Why Don’t They Give Henry Miller the Nobel Prize?’).


25121391. MOORE, Henry Typed Letter Signed, with handwritten additions, to ‘Dear Bill’, probably in the USA, dated ’25th March 1969′. On paper printed with Moore’s Much Hadham address. 20 x 15 cm. 21 lines.
* About a ‘little bronze’, Two Piece No. 11, its shippers, the firm of Bolton & Fairhead in London, where to send it to, and about pictures Moore took of the sculpture.

269066gr92. MUNARI, Bruno Georgie has lost his cap. Where can he have left it? London, The Harvill Press, [about 1950]. 32 x 24 cm. Original stiff wrappers. 16 p. Movable illustrated children’s book. A bit browned.
* Translation of Gigi cerca il suo berretto. Dove mai l’avra cacciato? of versatile artist (ex-futurist), the Italian Bruno Munari (1907-1998), who designed several movable children’s books that were very modern in the afterwar period. This copy is unworn and without inscriptions or other signs of childish possessivity, and as such very rare.

93. NADAR (= G.F. Tournachon) Autograph Letter Signed to ‘M. Lepic’, dated ‘12 aout’. 18 x 12 cm. On blue paper. Name of adressee on verso. Some small tears.
* ‘Bonjour, mon ami! Je passe – par gros hasard – devant chez vous, j’entre et je vous laisse que vous avez beaucoup de talent, que vous prevaudrez! et que je vous aime bien. Nadar’.


94. NAIPAUL, V.S. Handwritten letter to ‘Dear Frank’. One leaf of thin writing paper, 18 x 11 cm. Thin gray-black fountain pen writing on both sides. Signed ‘Vidia [Naipaul]’ and dated ‘University College / Oxford./ January 22, 1953. 21 lines of text. Horizontally folded and a bit creased.
* Very early letter from the Trinidad-born writer (born August 17, 1932), when he was a young student at Oxford, gradually overcoming a deep depression. His first story was published in 1955. In 2001 he won the Nobel Prize for Literature. This letter invites Frank to the readings of the Martlets, an intellectual students’ organisation. The various events are listed, including a lecture on Martial. Naipaul ends with the question: ‘By the way, what is a good book to read for the social & literary background of French Classical Drama?’

95. NASHE, Thomas In Time of Plague. [Amsterdam, A.A. Balkema], 1945. Original wrappers with title ticket (a bit spotted). 12 p. Uncut. Set from Romanée and printed in secret during the Nazi oppression of the Netherlands in 55 copies on handmade paper.
€ 65
* Typography by Jan van Krimpen. Text from A pleasant comedie, called Summers last will and testament (1600). De Jong 591. Simoni N3.


26790396. (NIEUWENHUIS, Theo). HOFKER, Jan Gedachten en Verbeeldingen. Met Inleiding van L. van Deyssel. (With an original etched portrait of the author by Willem Witsen). Amsterdam, S.L. van Looy, 1906. Original honey-colored full vellum with dark brown and natural decorations and lettering in batik combined with lines and dots blocked in gold. Signed by T[heo] N[ieuwenhuis]. All edges gilt. (10), 144 p. One of 50 deluxe copies on mould-made paper by Van Gelder. 1st edition. Spine very slightly worn. Two library stamps. Signature on first blank page ‘C.F. Hofker’.
* Fantastic batik binding designed by Nieuwenhuis. This magnificent deluxe edition, one of the pinnacles of Dutch Art Nouveau bookbinding, was distributed among friends and admirers of Hofker (1864-1945). Nieuwenhuis specially painted the owner’s monogram on the lower cover of the copies that were sold. In this case it is ‘F.H.’, the eldest brother of the author, Cornelis Fredrik Hofker (1849-1921).

25295497. NOVALIS Die Gedichte von Friedrich von Hardenberg genannt Novalis. [Den Haag], (De Zilverdistel, 1915). Original supple vellum with gilt spine lettering and Zilverdistel vignette in gold on the front cover. In modern paper slipcase with the same vignette (Phoenix Bindery). (6), 132 p. Handset from a type designed by Peter Schoeffer of Gernsheim and printed by J. F. van Royen in red, blue and black in 200 copies. With two brown spots on the lower side of the otherwise creamy white vellum. Bookplate of Lucy Spiegl.
* Baroness Spiegl Lucy von Goldschmidt-Rothschild (1891-1977) was friends with Else Lasker-Schüler. Nowadays the designer of the type of this book is thought to be not Schoeffer, but the printer Peter Quentell of Cologne (1475-1546). Exceptionally beautiful deluxe edition. De Zilverdistel 11. Van Royen 1964, 7.

bezette-stad-198. OSTAIJEN, Paul van Bezette stad. (Cover and woodcuts by Oscar Jespers). Antwerp, Het Sienjaal, 1921. 28 x 23 cm. Original decorated folding wrappers. (154) p. Uncut. Typography after the instructions of Oscar Jespers and René Victor, printed in an edition of 540 numbered copies. 1st edition. With the errata sheet.
* The most important book of the foremost avant-garde author in the Dutch language! This is one of only 40 deluxe copies printed on Vergé d’Arches. The very delicate dadaist wrappers are (as always) a bit soiled, but the book is in excellent order, and completely unrestored.

99. PARMENIDES Das Herz der Wahrheit. Fragmente. (Translated by Uvo Hölscher. With remarks on the text by Hegel, Nietzsche, Jaspers and Hölscher, and three original etchings by Gottfried Honegger). Neu-Isenburg, Edition Tiessen, 1990. 30 x 21 cm. Illustrated original wrappers with original plastic cover. 24 p. Set by hand from the Original-Janson-Antiqua and printed on handmade paper Vélin d’Arches in 135 numbered copies and 26 marked A-Z. 1st edition. Like new.
* Nr. 36 of 45 deluxe copies with 3 additional prints of the etchings and a fourth, not present in the book, all signed by the artist. In the colophon signed by Gottfried Honegger. Edition Tiessen 60.

Filipa_0003 - kopie100. PHILIP II OF SPAIN, King Letter Signed to Henry of Valois, Duke of Anjou, later King Henry III of France. Dated ‘Madrid a xxiiii. de Novembre 1572′. Written by a secretary, Gabriel de Cayas, with his signature. Folded leaf of paper with circular watermark. 30,3 x 21,7 cm. 10 lines in a neat chancellor’s hand, with Philip’s signature ‘Yo El Rey’ (I, The King) and ‘buen Germano’ (‘de vuestra alteza’ = Good Brother of Your Highness). Folded as an envelope with address in the secretary’s manuscript, and in a cursive hand ‘La Depesche du Conte d’Arenbergue’ (The Message of the Count d’Aremberg’). Traces of a wax seal. Some creasing and light browning. (Added: an extensive background dossier (partly in Dutch), including publications on the House of Aremberg.)
* King Philip (1527-1598) wishes Henry of Anjou (1551-1589) luck with the birth of the daughter of his older brother, King Charles IX of France (1550-1574). He sends this letter to the Duke through Count Charles of Aremberg (1550-1616), who performed diplomatic services for him. The Duke of Anjou is invited to trust the Count of Aremberg in everything, to believe all he will say on behalf of Philip, and tell the Count whatever Anjou wants to happen. Philip will endeavor to provide Anjou with all the good will he is well-known for.
Henry of Anjou was the younger brother of Elisabeth of Valois (1545-1568), Philip’s third wife. But the term ‘bueno germano’ might as well be a formula of courtesy.
You should see this letter in the light of the massacre of St. Bartholomew’s Day, when the leaders of the Protestant party in France were slaughtered, which had taken place three months earlier. Philip was excited about that bloody reckoning, it is the only time that he is known to have laughed! The ambitious Duke of Anjou was regarded by many of his contemporaries as an important instigator of the St. Bartholomew’s Day Massacre. No doubt Philip was keen to keep Henry of Anjou on his side. The promise with the well-known goodwill refers to bribery.

267129101. (PHOTOMONTAGE). ROLAND HOLST, Henriëtte Vlag en lading. Oldebroek, Nederlandsch Bureau voor Jongeren Vredes Actie, [1932]. Original wrappers. 16 p. 1st edition. Cover slightly soiled. Inside spine strengthened. Name on first page.
* Attractive photomontage cover design with a stylized red flag, artist unknown. Henriette Roland Holst (1869-1952) was a well-known poet, but also an active socialist. This is a critical account of the World Congress Against War organized by Willy Münzenberg’s World Committee Against War and Fascism, Amsterdam 1932.

269160gr102. (PHOTOMONTAGE – BRUSSE, Wim). KOENRAADS, A.F. Mannen in leer. Roman van een militair vlieger. Rotterdam, Brusse, 1935. Cloth with dust jacket. 236 p. 1st edition. Some small pieces missing from the corners of the DJ. Backside with a brownish stain. Some foxing in the book.
€ 60
* ‘Men in leather. Novel of a military aviator’. Charming modernist cover design by Wim Brusse (1910-1978), son of the publisher. He was an assistant of Paul Schuitema, and that shows. Cat. Brusse 817.

103. (PHOTOMONTAGE – HEEL, Jan van). HEILKER, J. Esperanto Leerboek. Den Haag, Joh. Ykema’s Uitg. Maatschappij, 1931. Original illustrated wrappers. 224 p. 2nd edition. Backstrip a bit worn. Name on title.
* Photomontage cover design by painter Jan van Heel (1898-1990), with photos, green stars and red pictorial lettering. Dutch-Esperanto textbook.

104. PISAN, Christine de L’Oroyson Nostre Dame. Utrecht, Stichting De Roos, 1948. 14 x 10 cm. Original folding pink and green marbled wrappers with title ticket. 28 p. Set from Civilité and printed by Joh. Enschede in 175 numbered copies. In beautiful condition.
* This copy not numbered, but marked Hors série. Impressive typography by J. van Krimpen, who used the famous but rarely used letter Civilité for this little book.

105. (POLIGNAC, Jules de) Passport for Thomas Webster, signed by Jules de Polignac as Ambassador of France in Britain. Twice folded passport of wove paper, 438 x 262 mm. Engraved (by J. Warwick) with the arms of King Charles X of France, for ‘Mr. Webster (Thomas), natif d’Angleterre, Secretaire de la Société Géologique de Londres, allant de Londres à Calais’. Delivered in London on August 1, 1823 and signed by the Prince of Polignac, his secretary A. Billing and Thomas Webster. With a stamp in black of the French Embassy. Some creasing and foxing, but in good condition.
* Prince Jules de Polignac (1780-1847) was a French politician, premier from 1829-1830 and instrumental in the fall of his King Charles X. From 1823 to 1829 Polignac was Ambassador in Britain, and as such he signed many passports (in fact, it was through the signing of her passport that he met his second wife, Charlotte Parkyns). Thomas Webster (1772-1844) was an architect, geologist and amateur painter, born in Orkney. He is described as measuring ‘5 Pieds 5 Pouces’ and being 50 years old.

252850106. PURDY, James Kitty blue. A fairy tale. Utrecht, From the Ballroom, 1993. Red cloth, on both sides blocked in red with a design by James Purdy (Phoenix Bindery). 44 p. With two folding leaves of music by Joost Kleppe. Set from Garamont type and printed after typographical instructions of Gerrit Kleis (Sub Signo Libelli) by Geuze in blue and black in 111 numbered copies. 1st edition.
€ 35
* Signed by the author under the colophon. Hugin & Munin bibliography 1.

107. (RAAMIN-PRESSE). CHAMISSO, Adalbert von Salas y Gomez. Mit den Tagebucheintragungen, Salas y Gomez betreffend, aus dem zweiten Theil der Reise um die Welt mit der Romanzoffischen Entdeckungs-Expedition in den Jahren 1815-1818 auf der Brigg Rurik unter Kapitän Otto v. Kotzebue. Hamburg, Raamin-Presse, 1981. 29 x 20 cm. Original leather-backed boards with cardboard slipcase. 28 p. With etchings by Roswitha Quadflieg. Handset from Walbaum and Cancellaresca Bastarda and printed on Vélin Arches in 185 numbered copies, all signed by the artist. With a loose greeting card of the press. Fine condition.
* Attractive bibliophile edition fully designed and executed by Roswitha Quadflieg. Vol. 12 of the Raamin-Presse, issued for the 200th birthday of Chamisso.


268111108. RILKE, Rainer Maria Die Sonette an Orpheus. Geschrieben als ein Grab-Mal für Wera Ouckama Knoop. Leipsic, Insel-Verlag, 1923. Golden green paste boards with blue morocco spine (5 ribs). Gilt brown title ticket. 68 p. Top gilt. Printed in 300 num. expl. (Nr. 202) on laid paper by W. Drugulin. Deluxe issue of the first edition. Binding rubbed, especially at the corners. Some foxing.
* One of the great cycles of poems of the 20th century, written in Château de Muzot in February 1922. Particularly beautiful book in its simple but splendid shape.


265139109. (ROPS). GLATIGNY, Albert Le fer rouge. Nouveaux châtiments. France et Belgique, Chez tous les libraires, 1870 [= Brussels, Poulet-Malassis, 1871]. Original wrappers. (4), 76 p. Uncut. With an original etching by Félicien Rops printed in red. Printed on papier de Hollande. 1st edition. Spine worn, cover a bit yellowed.
€ 240
* The etching ridicules Napoleon III and Maréchal Bazaine: they are branded with a red iron (‘fer rouge’) because of the Battle of Sedan and the Siege of Metz, while a vulture is sitting on skulls in a prison.

110. RUFFILLI, Paolo Nell’atto di partire. (With translations by Willem van Toorn and serigraphies by Jan Hendrix.) Banholt, (In de Bonnefant,) 2003. Gilt vellum-backed boards in paper slipcase (Phoenix Bindery). (4), 36 p. Set by hand from Meidoorn type and printed in red and black in 50 numbered copies. 1st edition.
* One of 16 deluxe copies on Queen Anne Rushcombe Mill paper, exquisitely bound and signed by author and artist. Bilingual edition with translation into Dutch by Willem van Toorn. The silkscreens have been printed on Nepalese paper. In all aspects, a refined and masterful book.


266806111. SAGITTA (= John Henry MACKAY) Der Puppenjunge. Die geschichte einer namenlose Liebe aus der Friedrichstrasse. ‘Privat-Ausgabe’ (self-published), 1926. Gilt cloth with (battered) slipcase. 368 p. Printed in 2000 copies, numbered in ink both on the printed ticket on the slipcase and in the book. 1st edition. Spine discolored. Printed pink slip of the Friedrich Radszuweit Verlag in Berlin pasted on first page.
€ 450
* Original German first edition (1926) of the seventh and last of Sagitta’s Bücher der namenlosen Liebe (‘Sagitta’s Books of Nameless Love’) about a country boy selling his body in Berlin and a self-denying young man who loves him. A poignant, intense novel and the very first one written with insight and without ridicule about male prostitution. Part of the edition was bought by Radszuweit, a publisher specializing in homo-erotic books and periodicals. This publisher’s stock was raided and destroyed by the Nazis in the early 1930’s.

269154gr112. (SALVATION ARMY). BOOTH, Florence E. Photo-engraved portrait, signed. Large horizontal card (21 x 25 cm) with a photo-engraved picture (14 x 19 cm) of Florence Eleanor Soper Booth (1861-1957), the wife of Bramwell Booth, who was the General of the Salvation Army from 1912-1929. With signature and dedication in brown ink, followed by a well-wishing citation from the Bible (Gal. 6:18). With some marginal creasing, but in very good condition.
* A fine studio photo of Florence Booth, probably taken about 1912.

267144113. SCHÜTZ, Heinrich Unterthänigstes Memorial, Ao 1651. Banholt, In de Bonnefant, 1985. 33 x 22 cm. Vellum backed boards (Phoenix Bindery). (4), 20 p. Set from 18 pt. Bembo and 20 pt. Diotima and printed in 63 numbered copies on Zerkall Kupferdruck paper. Title and initials were cut by Karina Meister and printed from the blocks. Fine copy with prospect and original invoice.
* This is one of the deluxe copies bound in half vellum (there were 30 copies in cloth). Majestic, lofty publication of Schütz’ long autobiographical letter (1585-1672) to Elector Johann Georg of Saxony.

260258114. SHELLEY, P.B. Prometheus unbound. A lyrical Drama in four Acts. [Den Haag], (De Zilverdistel), 1917. Original supple vellum with gilt spine title and Zilverdistel vignette on upper cover. (4), 148 p. Set by hand from the Zilvertype and printed in red and black by J.F. van Royen on his own hand-press in 125 copies. Text in English, colophon in Dutch. Excellent copy.
€ 550
* The Zilvertype was designed in 1914-1916 by S.H. de Roos in collaboration with Van Royen. It is considered the most harmonious roman type of De Roos.

115. (SKI). SAMIVEL -10° Quatre-vingt-dix images sur les sports d’hiver. Paris, Delagrave, 1933. 32 x 25 cm. Original illustrated boards. 64 p. Fully illustrated. 1st edition. Cover browned and with foxing spots. Name on flyleaf.
* Humorous book with 90 expressive skiing cartoons, many in large format. The second album of Paul Gayet-Tancrède, better known as Samivel (1907-1992).

267541116. (SWITZERLAND). ANNELER, Hedwig & Karl Lötschen, das ist: Landes- und Volkskunde des Lötschentales. Text von Dr. phil. Hedwig Anneler, Bilder von Kunstmaler Karl Anneler. (1/6 Grand Luxe). Bern, Akademische Buchhandlung von Max Drechsel, 1917. 36 x 26 cm. Full vellum, held in a large blue box. (8), 360 p. 2 color pictures. Many b/w illustrations. Printed on heavy handmade paper. Of the edition of 2050 copies, this is one of 50 numbered deluxe copies. 1st edition. The sewing of some quires is loosening a bit. Page 339-350 have been bound in a wrong order, but all pages are present.
* This is one of 6 extra luxe copies bound in full vellum, the upper cover painted with a large bouquet of flowers and at the bottom with the coat of arms of the first owner, Ernst Bircher (brother of the inventor of Bircher Muesli). These and the spine decorations have been hand painted and signed by Karl Anneler, who also was responsible for the many fine book illustrations.

117. (THACKERAY, W.M.) The Speculators – A Ballad. From the Ballads of Policeman X – Now Reprinted with Emendations by Constable Q. Banholt, Officina Borogovi, 2001. Original wrappers of rough Japanese paper. 12 p. Title page printed in red and black. With a 19th century illustration. Printed on Ossekop Van Gelder in 36 numbered copies. 1st edition.
€ 35
* Transformation of Thackeray’s poem The Speculators into the world of technology shares and euros (introduced in 2002), probably written by the printer, ‘Ioannes Quercus’.

Stefan George en Albert Verwey118. TOOROP, Jan Portrait of Stefan George and Albert Verwey. Drypoint on Simili Japon paper. Image size: 15.8 x 15.8 cm. Twice signed in the plate with the text (partly reversed and partly overlapping): ‘Stefan George Alb. Verwey / Stefan George / Katwyk 19002 [sic] / Zee’. Numbered in pencil, bottom left: ’20 / 25 ‘. Borders around the picture slightly discolored by former framing.
* Rare original etching by Toorop: in 1896, Toorop, after attending a lecture by Stefan George in The Hague, etched the portrait of the German poet, adding the portrait of his friend Albert Verwey in 1902. The plan for this double portrait was developed in 1900, and a few proofs were made. An edition of the etching was issued only after the death of Toorop, in 1928, by A.C. Ninaber van Eyben who printed various etchings and woodcuts by Toorop in runs of 10 to 25.

119. TROVILLION, Violet & Hal W. The Private Press as a Diversion. Herrin, Illinois, Trovillion Private Press, 1937. Cloth-backed boards, decorated with famous printer’s marks. (4), VIII, 90 p. Printed on Worthy Charta paper in 147 numbered copies. 1st edition. With nice bookplate of Ernest A. & Suzette Hamill (Pegasus taking off).
* Signed by Violet & Hal W. Trovillion. Memories of starting the Trovillion Press, including a pilgrimage to Kelmscott and about the adoption of the Venetian printer’s mark. With a bibliography and extensive sections of comments.

120. VERLAINE, Paul Quinze jours en Hollande. Lettres à un ami. Johan THORN PRIKKER Brieven. Philippe ZILCKEN Souvenirs. (Set of 3, all variations). Liège [= Utrecht], Édition du premier centenaire de la naissance du poète [= Broese = Chris Leeflang], 1944 [= 1945]. Original wrappers. 92 p. Printed by Enschedé after the typographical design of Charles Nypels in red and black in 190 numbered copies.
* This set contains: 1. one of the 10 lettered copies (A-J; this is F), deluxe copies printed on Pannekoek gris paper. Signed by Leeflang and Nypels. A bit browned.
2. one of the 65 numbered copies on Pannekoek paper. Spine worn, nice bookplate.
3. one of the 115 Roman numbered copies on Simili Japon paper. Spine a bit worn. This book is much thicker than the other two.
Printed in secret during the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands with dissimulating publishing data. De Jong 852. Van Laar 189.

268834121. VIERECK, George Sylvester 14 newspaper wire photos. One stamped July 12, 1934, a second, a cutout of the same picture, from 1938. The others date from Oct. 10, 1941 to March 26, 1943. Various sizes: most are 16 x 21 cm, the largest 28 x 20 cm. All photos have reverse stamps and text captions, some copied with the picture, some ditto-copied on paper pasted onto the reverse, as was usual with these utility photos that were sent by telephone from the press agency to newspapers. Some creasing and traces of use.
€ 350
* George Sylvester Viereck (1884-1962) was a German born American sensation journalist, decadentistic novelist and poet, a Nazi sympathizer in the 30’s and 40’s, imprisoned 1942-1947 for his failure to register as a Nazi agent. These photos show him taking the oath before testifying at the Congressional hearing into Nazi activities in the U.S.A. (1934) and appearing before the Federal Court in 1941-1943. On several pictures he is seen to be escorted to a police van, apparently handcuffed, on his way to custody.


268833122. VIERECK, George Sylvester Correspondence between George Sylvester Viereck and Bainbridge Colby (1930-1932). 9 Typed Letters Signed with printed letterhead by Viereck: 8 to Colby and one to publisher Mitchell Kennerley. Plus a carbon copy of another letter to Colby in triple, a carbon duplicate of a letter from Colby to Viereck (June 24, 1931), also in triple, and a single carbon duplicate of a letter from Colby to Viereck (July 14, 1931).
Most of the letters have been rust stained at the top by paperclips (partly still present). The letters have been folded, but the carbons haven’t; otherwise in very good condition.
And: an article ‘Did President Wilson Pledge Us to War Before He Was Re-Elected?’ by G.S. Viereck (p. 54-62 in Liberty, March 19, 1932 (grey-stained) and a two-color 4-page publisher’s prospect of Viereck’s book of interviews Glimpses of the Great (1930).
* Concerning a series of articles by Viereck about President Woodrow Wilson and his friendship with Colonel E.M. House in the course of study for his book The Strangest Friendship in History: Woodrow Wilson and Colonel House (1932). The first letter by Viereck, dating from June 22, 1931, puts three questions to Colby. There are 3 carbon copies of a retyped version of the letter, probably by Colby or his secretary, and 3 carbon copies of Colby’s 3-page answer. The other 7 letters, dating from June 27, 1931 to April 22, 1932, are about exchanging books and articles concerning Wilson, House and the Great War: ‘If a President can morally bind the United States to a course of action involving war we are faced by a serious invasion of the treaty-making powers of the Senate and the war-making powers of Congress, for which our children may have to pay with our blood.’ One gets the impression that the letters after July 14, 1931, went unanswered.
The letter to Kennerley (1930) also concerns Colby, House and Wilson.

255390123. VIJF PONDEN PERS, De The complete clandestine production of this marvellous series of bibliophile books. 20 books, printed in 50 or 55 copies in secret under the Nazi occupation of The Netherlands, and 2 additional books. ‘The name of the press [‘Five Pounds Press’] was a sardonic reference to the maximum paper weight permitted by the occupying powers for unofficial printing’ (Purvis). Founded by A.A. Balkema, W. Hellinga and J. van Krimpen in 1942, the series of the Vijf Ponden Pers form a very diverse collection of exquisitely designed books, greatly differing in size. Authors a.o. Baudelaire, Degas, Dickinson, Kafka, Larbaud, Mallarmé, Nijhoff, Perk, Rimbaud, A. Roland Holst, and Sandberg. Typography often by J. van Krimpen, sometimes by Dick Elffers, Susanne Heynemann, S.H. de Roos and W. Sandberg. Illustrations by Jan Bons, Fred. Carasso, Livinus, Melle, Jeanne Bieruma Oosting, Salim and Titia Wiegman. Extensive description on request.

263357124. VORDEMBERGE-GILDEWART, F. époque néerlandaise. préface jean arp. Amsterdam, éditions duwaer, 1949. 32 x 24 cm. 5 folding leaves, 25 leaves with tipped-in illustrations in cover, 6 folding leaves in original dust jacket and crystal paper. Typography Vordemberge-Gildewart. Printed in black, grey and red in 300 numbered copies. 1st edition. Folded illustration of p. 23 sticking together, otherwise a fine copy.
€ 600
* This copy is nr. 180, with a handwritten, signed dedication in Dutch by the artist under the colophon to Herman van den Eerenbeemt, dated ‘Amsterdam 2 October 1950’. The dedicatee (1890-1951) was an author and publisher. On this October day Van den Eerenbeemt speeched at the opening of the exhibition of mural paintings by Vordemberge-Gildewart in the prestigious store of De Bijenkorf. Resplendent and luxurious edition, the second and last volume of the ‘éditions duwaer’, in modern typography without capitals, with many examples (in colors or in black-and-white) of the constructivist art of Friedrich Vordemberge-Gildewart (1899-1962).

268452125. WENDINGEN Houtsnedennummer. Volume II No. 7/8. Amsterdam, De Hooge Brug, [november] 1919. Dedicated to woodcuts 34 x 33 cm. Original covers (design R. N. Roland Holst, printed in green, purple and gold), stitched with raffia. 60 p. 1st edition. Overlapping cover damaged at the edges, inside in excellent condition.
* Includes the large folded woodcut by C.A. Lion Cachet, that is usually missing. The 6 pages of decorative ads are also present. Introduction by R. N. Roland Holst. Typography H. Wijdeveld. This highly important magazine contains 59 woodcuts, of which 40 were made specifically for this issue. Some artists: K.P.C. de Bazel, Jozef Cantré, Nico Eekman, A.H.W. Filarski, S. Jessurun de Mesquita, Jac. Jongert, C.A. Lion Cachet, Huib Luns, Jan Mankes, Dirk Nijland, L.O. Wenckebach and Erich Wichman.


268899126. (WILDE, Oscar). STUART-YOUNG, J.M. Osrac, the Self-Sufficient and Other Poems. With a Memoir of the Late Oscar Wilde (Portraits and fac-simile letters). London, The Hermes Press, 1905. 26 x 19 cm. Gilt blue and green cloth. 120 p. Illustrated. 1st edition. Backstrip worn at the edges, cover rubbed.
€ 300
* Bizarre book containing epigonistic poetry, several portraits of the youthful author (1881-1939), forged letters by Oscar Wilde and a made-up Memoir. Stuart-Young was raised in a slum, but dreamed of a writing career. He emigrated to the colonies of Western Africa, where he made some money, but he kept publishing novels and poetry, some 22 volumes in all.

127. WILDE, Oscar Ballade de la Geôle de Reading. Traduite par Henry D. Davray. (Rosières), [= Den Haag, Stols], 1944. Original wrappers. 38 p. Printed in red and black in 150 numbered copies. Cover a bit browned.
* The Ballad of Reading Gaol translated into French. Issued in secret during the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands by A.A.M. Stols, one of the foremost Dutch printers, hidden in clouds of pseudonymity. This is nr. 14, monogrammed by Stols as ‘P.M.’.

30990128. WILDE, Oscar Een Florentijnsch treurspel. (Translated into Dutch by P.C. Boutens). [Den Haag, self-published], 1909). Original longstitch paper binding. (2), 54 p. Set by hand and printed in red and black on Pannekoek paper by The Saint Catherine Press in Bruges in 50 unnumbered copies. 1st and only edition in this form. Cover has some very vague folds.
€ 325
* Early translation into Dutch of A Florentine Tragedy. One of the self-published books in tiny print runs by Boutens, one of the foremost Dutch poets and translators of his age.


268911129. WILDE, Oscar Salomé. Drame en un acte. Dessins de Alastair. Paris, Éditions G. Crès, 1927. Full vellum with spine ticket. VIII, 96 p. Uncut. Stained original upper wrapper (with a design by Alastair) bound in. Fine condition.
* Subtle deluxe binding (about 1985) by David Simaleavich (Phoenix Bindery, Amsterdam) of calf vellum with spine title ticket of snake leather.

269197130. ZUYLEN, Belle van Mistriss Henley. Utrecht, Stichting De Roos, 1952. Loose quires in illustrated wrappers, housed in a loose binding and slipcase. 72 p. Typography and cover Jean-Paul Vroom. Set from the Erasmus and printed in black and green on wove paper (Lana pur fil) in 181 numbered copies. Backstrip faded.
€ 65
* With twelve engravings by Michel Béret (1914-1966) and an introduction by André Ménétrat. French style deluxe edition (double emboîtage). Epistolary novel in French by the Dutch-born author, also known as Isabelle de Charrière, first published in 1784.


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