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Nieuwsbrief 561: Aan mijn vriend

Het opdrachtexemplaar van Frans Netscher aan Louis Couperus is het eerste item in deze korte nieuwsbrief met onze Engelstalige bijdrage aan de onlangs verschenen Joint Catalogue, de gezamenlijke catalogus van leden van de Nederlandsche Vereeniging van Antiquaren. Uiteraard is er veel meer moois op komst voor de Amsterdam Book Fair op 3 en 4 oktober 2014!

1. (COUPERUS, Louis). NETSCHER, Frans Uit ons Parlement. Portretten en schetsen uit de Eerste- en Tweede Kamer. Amsterdam, S. Warendorf Jr., [1890]. Original wrappers (design J. Holswilder). (4), 290, II p. Uncut. Illustrated by J. Holswilder. First edition. Spine strengthened. Endpapers renewed. Some foxing.
netscheraancouperus* Intimate author’s inscription on half title: ‘Aan mijn vriend/ Louis Couperus/ v.d.S./ 8 Juni 1890′. Couperus and Netscher were close friends since they met at secondary school in The Hague. In a letter to Netscher, Couperus thanked him for the gift of this book, although he wasn’t impressed by the politicians portrayed in it: ‘Ik heb je werk met belangstelling gelezen, omdat het van jou was; anders had ik het, geloof ik, niet gelezen. Want al die mannetjes interesseeren me om hunzelve heel weinig en alleen een beetje, om de kunst, die jij wel zoo goed bent aan ze te verspillen. Ik hoop van harte dat je er veel geld meê verdient; anders begrijp ik in mijn onpolitieke naïveteit heusch niet waarom je al die vervelende heeren zoo analyzeert.’ In September 1890 Couperus dedicated his novel Noodlot in print to Frans Netscher. Books from the library of Couperus are rarely on the market.

2. DADA Dada soulève tout. Paris, “Au Sans Pareil”, 1921. 27,8 x 21,2 cm. Original pamphlet. Printed recto and verso. First edition. Twice folded, edges and folds a bit worn, marginally strengthened in some places. Slightly soiled, a marginal tear at the foot.
Dada* Important Dada manifesto. ‘DADA connaît tout. DADA crache tout. MAIS…. Dada vous a-t-il jamais parlé: de l’Italie/ des accordéons/ des pantalons de femmes/ de la patrie/ des sardines’… et cetera. Someone crossed out ‘du Massachussetts’! ‘DADA ne parle pas. DADA n’a pas d’idée fixe. DADA n’attrape pas les mouches’. ‘Dada existe depuis toujours/ La sainte Vierge déjà fut dadaïste/ Dada n’a jamais raison!’. This wonderful manifesto is signed (in print) by Edgar Varése, Tristan Tzara, Philippe Soupault, Man Ray, François Picabia, Max Ernst, Marcel Duchamp, André Breton, Hans Arp, Louis Aragon and several others.

3. GRUNBERG, Arnon Kamermeisjes en soldaten. Arnon Grunberg onder de mensen. Amsterdam, Nijgh & Van Ditmar, 2009. Dark green full oasis with lettering in white and pink and shoeprint on upper cover, in matching cloth and leather case (Phoenix Bindery). (4), 336, (20) p. First edition. Few small scratches on spine (else fine).
grunbergkamermeisjes* Of the first edition of these journalistic reports 210 numbered sets of loose, unsewn sections were made available to amateur and professional bookbinders, as a challenge to make their own luxury bindings. This is one of only two copies skillfully and tastefully bound by Phoenix Bindery’s Philipp Janssen; decorated with an imprint of an original army boot on the upper cover. The rough and at the same time delicate appearance corresponds perfectly with the title and contents of the book. A fine contemporary Dutch art binding!

4. PICART, Bernard Tafereel, of beschryving van den prachtigen tempel der zang-godinnen, vertoond in LX heerlyke kunsstukken. Behelzende alle de voornaemste geschiedenissen van de fabel-oudheid. Amsterdam, Zacharias Chatelain, 1733. Large folio. Fine 19th century gilt full leather binding, spine richly gilt. (8), XXVIII, 158, (4) p. With engraved title and vignette, and 60 highly detailed full page engravings by Bernard Picart and others. Textpages foxed, but an excellent copy in an attractive binding.
* A famous and luxurious large format book (47 x 31 cm!) with splendid depictions of fables by Ovid and other classical authors. The full page engravings were embellished by Picart with sumptuous ornamental borders. Explanatory text by Antoine de la Barre de Beaumarchais (who, like Picart, lived in the Netherlands) after Michel de Marolles. An English, a French and a German edition were published simultaneously.

5. PODIUM Small archive regarding the Dutch literary magazine Podium. Original correspondence, notes and artwork. A.L.S and T.L.S. by i.a. G. Borgers (18), K. Lekkerkerker (18 (carbon copies included)), W.H. Nagel (3), Th.E. Niemeijer (1), H. Rooduyn (2), H. Salden (1), and publishing houses De Bezige Bij, De Driehoek and Querido (15 in total); some editorial notes about finances and ads; original artwork by i.a. J.J. Beljon (linocut), W. Brusse (b&w photograph) and P. Rodenko (ink drawing). 1948-1949.
podium * Nice and interesting archive of the leading post-war literary monthly, that experienced turbulent times with publisher’s transitions and collaborations with other magazines. The (extensive) letters and papers by editors and publishers mostly concern Podium’s well-known Vestdijknummer and (somewhat hilarious) plans for recruiting advertisements, but other issues are also discussed (erotic poetry by M. Bouhuys, the first Kinsey report, typography, personal matters). ‘Fusie Criterium-Libertinage: prachtig man. Libertinage wilde toch niet aan Podium en is hierdoor nauwelijks versterkt. Van der Veen, Hermans (onder curatele) en enkele anderen zullen nu voor Podium worden “geworven”.’ (Borgers to Lekkerkerker, 9-12-1948)


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